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Portable RJ TextEd freeware

Portable RJ TextEd

Version: 14.90.4 | Size: 158.00 MB
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Text editing tools are highly essential one for web page authors and also it useful for create more impressive webpage. There are many editing tools are available but these are not provides effective result so choose the  RJ TextEd is the best text editing tools and it provides more facilities in editing. You can use this tool for multi document edition and it highly useful for block reformatting. By using this tool you can code folding and also space to tab conversion. Edition involves sorting and line numbers. With this tool to you can easily get integrated preview of web tools and it support of keyboard shortcuts for editing table, add common tags, visual list. It has ability to act as good supporting tools for several types of software. It is useful for inserting stripper tags and selecting image tool. Likewise many several feature behind in these tools, which is sending file through SFTP or FTP. Text editing involves exporting files and Ipsum, which means converting file to HTML or RTF format. This tools helps to insert color formatting and it offers great has viewer. By using this editor you can easily change a ending UNIX styles or Mac. It support well for keyboard customizing as well as tools bar.

The RJ TextEd software is well support to Mac styles and it is highly useful to edit macros with keyboard customizing. It offers toggling and indenting text option. This helps to change default file extension and also encoding, this feature helps to modify file format or extension type.  Software provides way to creating impressive page, which means it highly useful for adding more color as well as it has capacity to display with bright colors. This texting edition involves adding color, font size through tools bar. While choosing this tool it offers best menu bar which contains high feature and tools for edition.

It is powerful freeware text editor for window. This tools setup is support for multi document editing and this tool support for verities of programming languages such as Perl, HTML and C# even syntax highlighting. Tools can be used for block reformatting, which means it will be useful for tab space conversion. So use this best tools easily as well as effective edits everything as your wish.

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158.00 MB

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Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Portable RJ TextEd
Version Change log
Portable RJ TextEd 14.90.4 Jun 13, 2021 Find References (View-Panels-LSP Client):
This is a language server feature that will list all references to the item under the text cursor. It can be a variable, function, object ...
Menu item is found in the right click context menu (Find - Find References).
The references tree lists file and references found in that file. Double click on an item to select it in the document.
Document Symbols (View-Panels-LSP Client):
This is a language server feature. You can use the panel to display a hierarchical tree view of all classes, methods, properties etc. in a file or open document.
Symbol Search:
Another language server feature.
The search box is located in the document symbols panel. The search is project wide and will list items found in both your project files and in library files.
Some useful keys:
DOWN Move down to the tree view below.
ESC Clear search and change focus to the editor.
SPACE Select focused item in the tree view, but keep focus on the tree view.
ENTER Select focused ite
Portable RJ TextEd 14.64 Aug 23, 2020 Indent lines:
Indent lines are now always drawn at a tab position, regardless of how your code is indented. This makes it easier to properly align your code.
Highlighting matching braces:
Matching braces are now underscored using the brace highlighting foreground color, set in theme manager. And the brace background is set to the brace highlighting background color.
Compare files using external compare tool:
The document is saved if modified and the files on disk are used for comparison if possible. The editor should allow you to reload the document if it was changed by the external tool.
Fixed a few issues.
Color dialog window:
Adding or pasting a color value to the edit box should work now as expected.
Fixed a few issues.
File Explorer panel refresh issue.
File Commander refresh issue.
PHP tag highlighting.
Portable RJ TextEd 14.52 May 28, 2020 Online validation (HTML, CSS)
Added new online validators to the HTML menu.
Validators are: HTML5 Validator, W3C HTML Validator and W3C CSS Validator.
Programming ligatures
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