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Precision Helper freeware

Precision Helper

Version: 2.0 | Size: 12.91 MB | Filename: PrecisionHelperSetup.exe
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The Precision Helper uses for the tools of localization where it provides for both free pascal, Lazarus as well as Delphi. The Precision Helper used for all types of framework where it supported by the LCL, VCL as well as firemonkey. It gives more editor on powerful and so it will customize through add-ons. Also, this precision helper provides terminology for the Microsoft and dictionary collection. You can use this precision for the source codes and synchronization of the import and export.

Most of the Precision Helper is highly embedded on the localization along with the features. The Precision Helper includes various options and possibilities in order to facilitate with the authoring. Also, it includes the editor of miles because it used to maintain and manage the field expect than others it used for resting. Also, it grove fiterable where it's mainly based on the criteria and features.

The Precision Helper provides a number of previews also it give number of lists to the people and so it helps to transfer the files where it only allow the files after selecting the files. The files are coming from drag as well as clipboard where the drag produces in between the instances as a result the Precision Helper give number of external applications like text editor as well as windows explorer and many others. 

The present helper design all the windows based on the design and features, types and so it will allow all the properties of windows also it will give the clock by using the mouse then it enter the tool bar on the bottom. By using the tabs of navigation you can easily select the default toolbar.

The Precision Helper provides the lists depends on the opened projects where it's available at all times for example the welcome page. The precision provides the project lists from that you can easily manage all types of options of list. The project list contains both files and folder.  The Precision Helper also allows all the files to transform easily between the various instances and applications. By choosing the various options of creating a topic and selecting it will automatically enter the file as well as the url. 

The CHM or the Microsoft Compiled HTML format used for viewing the help for the formats like WebHelp or for the publishing the articles with single HTML documents. The existing of all the conversion can be helpful for maintaining the templates with appropriate tools. 

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Win2000, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP

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Precision Helper 2.0 Jun 20, 2011 Fixes the behavior of file selection dialogs in Windows 7 (loss of the focus of calling window)
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