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The ProfiCAD is mainly designed for drawing the electronic and electric diagrams, control the Circuit diagrams, as well as used to hydraulics, pneumatics, and many technical diagrams. You just locate the electrical symbols onto drawing as well as attach wires. You can ship along with nearly 1000 symbols by using the ProfiCAD. This application software allows the user to create their own symbols by using symbols editor. The software will supports and promotes the automatic numbering symbols, list of wires, drawing of the striped wires, generation of the netlists as well as further new futures. The ProfiCAD software also supports the cross reference among the symbols and wires to single components for example the relay coil plus contacts. The linked symbols in different page may be entranced by single clicking on cross reference. The advanced optimization and programming architecture is equal to the low disk budget and space along with the low demands of CPU. You can translate this software program into many languages present in the world, and which will smooth the progress of cooperation along with the international partners.

The software will allow the user to export your drawings to in the form of DXF. Now this software comes along with the multitude of parameters. The software will provide better interface between the user and task. The interface is straightforward and clean to use.  The software bundles many preset drawings which is related to electrical and electronic tools and equipments, power installation, indoors and other field. This is inserting into working environment to create similar circuits. The embedding electrical elements into working area, a program will offer quick permit to access a variety of categories that is namely distribution planks such as indicator lights and circuit breakers, machines which include reactor, and induction motors, the outdoor installation which includes amplifying points and transformers, generators, switchgears, control gears, protective devices, and PLC. The ProfiCAD software will allow the user to work with the multiple pages, layers, flip or rotate the chosen components, make different objects which include lines, ellipse, and rectangles, zoom out or in and paste, copy, and cut the elements. You can implant the text message that may be customized with a variety of size, numbers, alignment, font style, as well as color. Here there are so many options available to use which will help you to modify the filling color to each and every components, change border, as well as build the list along with your own favorite objects.

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Last versions of ProfiCAD
Version Change log
ProfiCAD 9.3.9 Jul 25, 2018 minor fixes
ProfiCAD 9.3.7 Mar 9, 2018 Arrows
The shape of the arrows can be modified by entering the values Scale X and Scale Y in the Properties panel. The length and width of the arrow are multiplied by these values. For example, the value of 1.23 enlarges the arrow by 23%.
ProfiCAD 9.3.4 Nov 13, 2017 Style Library:
The Style Library (menu Edit - Style Library) allows you to save and reuse frequently used styles of graphic objects (color, line type, fill type, etc.).
The styles in the library are displayed:
As lines: for lines and wires
As ellipses: for objects with fill (rectangles, ellipses, polygons, etc.)
The Style Library has two parts:
Temporary styles: saves automatically the last 20 styles that you have used.
Permanent styles: here are those styles that you want to keep permanently.
How to add a style to the Style Library:
Copying a style automatically adds the style to the library. The style is added to Temporary Styles.
How to add styles to Permanent Styles:
Drag it with the mouse onto the Permanent Styles tab. Similarly, you can remove a permanent style by dragging it onto the Temporary Styles tab.
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