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Python is an extensively used in a general-purpose, the high-level programming in the language. Its design is such that the philosophy emphasizes the code of readability. Moreover, its syntax permits the programmers to express their concepts in quite a few lines of the code, then it could be possible in the languages such as Java or C++. This language gives constructs projected to enable or clear the programs on both the sides the large scale and the small scale.

The Python supports a number of programming paradigms, and it includes the functional programming, the imperative and the object-oriented or the procedural styles. It has the features of a dynamic kind of system and an automatic memory management. Moreover, it has a comprehensive and a large standard library.

The interpreters of python are available for the installation on a lot of operating systems, allowing the Python code execution on most of the parts of the systems. By using the third-party tools like the Pyinstaller or the Py2exe, the python code can be packed into a stand-alone executable program for a few of the most liked operating systems. This allows the system of the Python-based software for the use on that environment without the need for the installation of an interpreter in the Python. The CPython is a reference implementation of the Python and if free, open-source software. It also has a community -based development of a model. As nearly all of its alternative implementations are implemented. It is controlled by the Python Software Foundation, which is a non-profit fund. To install a Python is usually easy, and nowadays several UNIX and Linux distributions also include the recent Python. Some of the Windows computers, especially for the HP are coming with the python installed in it. Installation of the Python is unremarkable on most of the platforms. If you want to know that a library with particular functionality or a particular application is existing in the Python then, there is a wide range of possible sources to get the information. The Python offers a Cheese Shop, which is also known as the Python Package Index. It is a reference to the name of the script Monty Python.

It is used in the dynamic typing and the combination of a cycle-detecting of the garbage collector and a reference counting for the memory management. It is an essential characteristic of Python. It is a dynamic name resolution that binds the method and unpredictable names throughout the program execution. The design of it offers only a certain amount of support for the functional programming within the Lisp tradition. This language has a filter, reduce and a map functions. It comprehends the dictionaries, sets and lists as well as the generator expressions. The standard library has two modules such as the functools and the itertools which implements the useful tools borrowed from the Standard ML and the Haskell. The Python is a structure that is fully programmed and is fully supported. There are a number of language features that support the functional program.

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Last versions of Python
Version Change log
Python 3.8.0 Oct 14, 2019 Major new features of the 3.8 series, compared to 3.7
PEP 572, Assignment expressions
PEP 570, Positional-only arguments
PEP 587, Python Initialization Configuration (improved embedding)
PEP 590, Vectorcall: a fast calling protocol for CPython
PEP 578, Runtime audit hooks
PEP 574, Pickle protocol 5 with out-of-band data
Typing-related: PEP 591 (Final qualifier), PEP 586 (Literal types), and PEP 589 (TypedDict)
Parallel filesystem cache for compiled bytecode
Debug builds share ABI as release builds
f-strings support a handy = specifier for debugging
continue is now legal in finally: blocks
on Windows, the default asyncio event loop is now ProactorEventLoop
on macOS, the spawn start method is now used by default in multiprocessing
multiprocessing can now use shared memory segments to avoid pickling costs between processes
typed_ast is merged back to CPython
LOAD_GLOBAL is now 40% faster
pickle now uses Protocol 4 by default, improving performance
Python 3.7.4 Jul 8, 2019 Core and Builtins
bpo-37500: Due to unintended side effects, revert the change introduced by bpo-1875 in 3.7.4rc1 to check for syntax errors in dead conditional code blocks.
bpo-37149: Replace the dead link to the Tkinter 8.5 reference by John Shipman, New Mexico Tech, with a link to the copy.
Python 3.6.0 Dec 23, 2016 New syntax features:

PEP 498, formatted string literals.
PEP 515, underscores in numeric literals.
PEP 526, syntax for variable annotations.
PEP 525, asynchronous generators.
PEP 530: asynchronous comprehensions.

New library modules:

secrets: PEP 506 – Adding A Secrets Module To The Standard Library.

CPython implementation improvements:

The dict type has been reimplemented to use a more compact representation based on a proposal by Raymond Hettinger and similar to the PyPy dict implementation. This resulted in dictionaries using 20% to 25% less memory when compared to Python 3.5.
Customization of class creation has been simplified with the new protocol.
The class attribute definition order is now preserved.
The order of elements in **kwargs now corresponds to the order in which keyword arguments were passed to the function.
DTrace and SystemTap probing support has been added.
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