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Quick Pop Menu freeware

Quick Pop Menu

Version: 1.2.7 | Size: 2.30 MB | Filename: QuickPopMenu1.2.7.zip
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The Quick Pop Menu is a program launcher application combines all the programs icons, shortcuts and logos into its menu and makes them to run with single click on from the menu list. If the above statement is not much clear then understand the software to have a menu appearance that contains all the clickable links or lists of programs you keep on your desktop.

Users having too many shortcuts, icons and logos on their computer can find it difficult to manage them. Instead of putting them scattered and unorganized on the desktop, you can think of setting them into a menu system. Thus it will be convenient, easy, and decent and better manage. Quick Pop Menu does the same thing. It compiles and collects all these program items and beyond in a popup menu that appears upon pressing certain keyboard commands. Quick Pop Menu is a freeware program that does not require much RAM support or disk space.

Available to support different languages the Quick Pop Menu works in simple ways. Download the setup file, run it and drop files in its shortcuts folders that you want to appear in the menu. You can create subfolder inside of it and the menu will support the tree. And that is all about the Quick Pop Menu.

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2.30 MB

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64

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Last versions of Quick Pop Menu
Version Change log
Quick Pop Menu 1.2.7 Feb 5, 2012 Fixed:
a bug that update checks no longer functional since v1.2.6.
a bug that causes program lags and prevents the menu from being displayed by pressing the hotkey.
typos in the English language file.
a bug since v1.2.4 that prevented the menu from appearing when the program is launched from a command line.
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