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Rainmeter is a software which we can use to customize our desktops and it displays many skins, for memory, battery power, RSS feeds weather forecasts, and many other such information right on our desktops. These skins are not just beautiful to look at they do function and interact with the users. The skins can perform many functions which including helping organize to do lists or sticky notes. The skins can also be used to launch applications, control your media player and it can do all of this in a clean, clear, unobtrusive interface that you can rearrange and customize to suit your preference and taste.

We can look a Rainmeter as an application and a toolkit which can be tweaked by experts to give it whaterver one desires from the platform.  We must say that there is no limit to what one can design with this software as it can perform a very wide range of functions. Rainmeter is a free software which is available to everyone, everywhere.  it is an open source software so we have no excuse not to download and make use of this wonderful application.

Rainmeter is actually very well known the world over and the skins or different displays it can produce and show are quite unique and not like anything which has been seen in recent times.

Rainmeter skins and designs are beautiful and not difficult at all to follow and understand.. It makes it  easy to keep an eye on your system resources, like  your memory, battery power, online data streams, email, RSS feeds, and weather forecasts infact everything which you would want to and like to monitor it monitors for you.

Rainmeter has many skins which are functional and can help you by recording your notes, to do lists, control our media players in a manner that is both not obstructive and appealing to the eye.

The rainmeter has these many designs and styles which are beautiful and have been made by the users in the forums and communities of people using this software .Rainmeter users which include some very good and expert programmers.

Rainmeter creates its own designs which it refers to as skins and these designs are well suited for the clients and clients can relate to them. Rainmeter has a way of bringing productive innovation and provides designs which almost no other type of this software can do or even does.

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Rainmeter 4.0.0 B2746 Jan 4, 2017 Changed Localization: Added new strings for various languages to support New Skin dialog.
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4.0.0 B2746

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