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RedCrab - The Calculator freeware

RedCrab - The Calculator

Version: 8.1 | Size: 3.93 MB | Filename: redcrab.zip
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The RedCrab Calculator by RedChilliCrab is a fantastic and brilliant calculator that is similar to none of your desktop calculators from the Accessories menu under the Windows operating system. In fact, the calculator is so dynamic that it has no competition from other publishers.

First and the foremost fact to understand about the RedCrab – The Calculator is, it is not an ordinary one - it can conduct both the scientific and statistical calculation. As you know scientific calculations are based on formula and constants; and the statistical calculations are based on probability details; users of the calculator can get real help to their work using the RedCrab Calculator.

To detail few of its key features, the RedCrab Calculator has editing option to support fractions, square roots, variables, exponents etc. The tool does not require any installation and can even run from a USB drive.  It has every function for a busy professional.

Another important feature is the calculator’s capabilities to directly access the Microsoft Excel, Access and different database programs like the MySQL etc. Use the RedCrab Calculator, write the formula or set the functions to integrate into a webpage or to another environment. Users of RedCrab can export and import data as well.

The portable calculator can literally show you magic in delivering your calculator needs. The program is so fast, compact and kind of classic in its overall presentation, look and functional integrity. The self explanatory user interface will make users to run and operate the calculator without reading the “read me” file. 

To run RedCrab Calculator requires the system to have P4 processor with 1GB RAM and comply with any OS’s. Use the calculator to draw and plot your chart boxes. Add texts, print the calculation and perform several tasks on single or multiple worksheets with the RedCrab Calculator.

Lastly, the RedCrab Calculator is a full length on screen calculator with capabilities to solve mathematical, scientific and statistical problems to get solutions. The software blends such skills together that are rare to find in other programs and tools.

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What do you think about RedCrab - The Calculator?
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RedCrab - The Calculator 8.1 May 18, 2021
RedCrab - The Calculator 8.0 May 12, 2021
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