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A great gift from the brains at Pixar animations studios, this rendering software has an impressive portfolio of award-winning animation projects like Finding Dory, Piper, and Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Renderman is only a rendering engine and therefore needs to work in tandem with a 3D modeling software such as Autodesk's Maya or the free Blender. The release notes easily available on their website also offer detailed tutorials for the program and its use with various plugins such as Maya and Blender.The program is free to download on condition that it is used for non-commercial production.

A key feature is the industry grade Pixar Production Shaders. These are the very shaders used by Pixar animation studios. They are fine tuned to the highest level to help you create the most subtle skin you can image. An example is Pixar’s Marschner hair that helps render very realistic and artist friendly hair, fur and fibers. Pixar’s Production Lights is another valuable feature. Cool temperature, exposure, IES profiles and specialized light filters are examples of the library of physically based lights that enable you to stylize light in numerous ways for amazing results.

Renderman also features Pixar’s Surface Collection that allows you to dial in any plastics, metals, ceramics, rocks, liquids and any type of material. This coupled with Pixar’s Advanced Rendering Patterns help you create very fine details for very compelling results.Examples of these patterns are Pixar’s Multi Texture that allows you to use a single shader on multiple surfaces while behaving uniquely on each surface and Pixar’s Dirt Pattern that helps you to manipulate 3D textures to create different looks such as dirt and dust.

Unlike most rendering programs that tessellate all of your NURBS(Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline) into polygons before rendering, Renderman renders each region individually for a smoother finish.It uses Deformation Volume Blur and Native OSL Support for increased realism in moving volumes and the improvement of workflow pattern generation.

API improvements and other optimizations offer significant performance gains and create the opportunity for customization. An example of one such optimization is the Denoiser. Pixar’s denoiser handles lots of fur and hair as well supporting GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) acceleration for up to 10X speedups.The numerous knobs and levers have been streamlined to let you focus more on your creative process.

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