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Most people have a desktop that’s over crowded with shortcuts because of the number of applications in their computer. It is said that an average PC has about 75 application softwares installed in it, so you can just imagine how crowded your desktop can get if you choose to have shortcuts for most of the apps.

The Right Click Enhancer features a Right Click Shortcuts Creator tool that can be an instant solution to decluttering your desktop. With this tool, you can organize all your most used application, file shortcuts, and folders in a right click menu on your Windows Explorer or Desktop. For more detailed organization, you can further add sub menus, and command line parameters to the shortcuts in the right click menu. This unique organization will enable you to easily open applications when browsing for files, and you don’t have to worry about your computer or desktop speeds slowing down as a result of the number of shortcuts or submenus you have on the right click menu tool.

Although Windows has tried making the process of copying files and folders easy by availing the Send to Menu feature, this can only help you when sending the files or folders to an external drive like a flash disk. The Send to Manager Tool that has been provided by Right Click Enhancer comes in handier as it makes it possible to copy files to multiple locations with only one click.

Right Click Enhancer also features a Right Click Tweaker that allows you to include your common task functions like moving, copying, and renaming files so you save time on these tasks. The tweaker includes multiple functions, although you may not directly access some of these, or even view them in the control panel. Windows 7 God Mode, the famous feature that magically assembles all customizable options is one these, and which you can only access through run command.

There is a wide variety of tweaks that Right Click Enhancer provides through the Right Click Tweaker. Among them is the ability to check the safety of downloaded files and copy the contents of unsafe files devoid of opening.

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Last versions of Right Click Enhancer
Version Change log
Right Click Enhancer 4.5.6 Jan 10, 2020 Changes:
Now icon field will be filled automatically if it is not filled already and user browse for the executable file in Add/Edit command dialog of File Types Editor.
Fixed an issue where New Menu Editor didn't detect some of the new menu entries
Right Click Enhancer 4.5.0 Apr 4, 2017 Fixed an issue in Smart Renamer that doesn't prevent the user from entering invalid DateTime format in Attribute Renamer resulting in a crash.
Fixed an issue with Directory permission in Right Click Tweaker.
Fixed an issue where New Menu Editor crashes if it can't get access to template file while removing an entry from the new menu.
Fixed an issue in File Types Editor where adding a command to newly added File Type leads to crash.
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