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Safari is a fast, secure and versatile web browser, with the aim to give only the best experience in web browsing. It gives users an opportunity to enjoy the best of the web, while giving a refined experience with cloud connectivity. It is a smart and reliable browser in all aspects of the word. Speaking of smart, Safari introduces shared link, to help users stay informed of what is happening on the web. The shared links sidebar enables one to read whatever they choose and follow links from followers on social media.

Sharing just got easier, thanks to Safari’s see it, send it feature. This groundbreaking provision enables users share whatever they desire without leaving the browser. It only takes clicking the share button and then making a selection of what is to be sent. This is easy and convenient for users who enjoy posting and sharing stories from Facebook and Twitter. In addition, adding comments and locations to posts is easy and convenient, thanks to this brilliant feature. Safari makes work very easy for users because they do not have to keep opening tabs; one login enables access to everything else.

Speaking of a smart and reliable web browser, Safari is packed with power-saving technology that consumes little power, while letting the user do what they love on the web. Users do not have to worry about consuming a lot of power and draining the battery because of the web browser. Safari makes life easy and fun. This interesting technology works in a way that the background apps run in a low state of power; this is with the help of APP Nap technology. When videos and plugins are not in use, Safari intelligently pauses these applications, until they resume work. This therefore enhances and improves battery life and memory usage. Worries of overloading the memory and draining the battery are long gone.

Privacy in a web browser is something paramount. Users should expect maximum privacy from a web browser and this is exactly what Safari offers. One of the most annoying things is to have a browser that leaves cookies from third-party sites. These cookies track a user’s movement on the internet. Moreover, these cookies bombard users with adverts and other useless content. Safari blocks these cookies by default and this blocks any third-party sites from leaving anything malicious in a user’s computer. Private browsing is helpful especially when one does not want to leave any traces of browsing history. The Do Not Track functionality allows a user to turn on this setting and any site visited cannot keep track of the user’s whereabouts.

In connection to protection, Safari provides a user with urbane technology that warns is a site is a sham or if any codes pose a threat to the device. Even before going far, safari gives a red flag about a site that could possible contain malware or suspicious content. Sandboxing technology helps keep users safe by limiting a websites activity, especially if it is deemed threatening. In many cases, a plug-in may be exploited and therefore the moment it reaches a device, it poses danger. However, because of sandboxing, major plugins such as QuickTime, Adobe Flash Player, Oracle Java and Silverlight can be detected with ease if they pose any threats.

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