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Saga is developed by Silverlode Interactive for Windows and is an online real-time strategy game. The good thing about this game is that whatever building that you build and every piece of land that you happen to conquer you keep for as long as you play the game. The bad news is that if you have lost any buildings or territories it remains that way until you build it back up by repairing the buildings or revive the soldiers that you lost.

Saga is a fantasy game and it is battles between 5 competing Gods. They all have their different factions and which have unique abilities. Saga, however, did not give much scope for tactical play because there are not many formation options available. The formations also allow some of the enemies just to march through so don't seem to have any stopping power but there are options that this can work in your favour. Getting to know what you can do and not to conquer the enemy is part of the fun,

The great feature that Saga has is that you can build your own army and that you are not restricted to pre-loaded units. This takes a lot of thought and planning that needs to be taken into consideration. It involves making sure that you have the right weaponry, the size of the units and how many you can use at a time.

Saga does not have any subscription fees but as you are playing the game you need to buy booster packs. The troops that are bought remain the permanent property of the player and you also have the option of trading with other players if you require different troops.

The game does not cost any money and will take up some of your time and bandwidth. There is a nice variety in organising and planning your troops but in general, the game does not have enough exciting features to really interest serious gamers.

There is definitely room for improvement and hopefully, it will be recognized by Silverlode. There is bound to be an improvement with the current RTS experience that is currently available hopefully in the near future.

So even though it has some interesting elements Saga has some real improvements that they need to make to ensure that it captures the imagination and standards that the modern gamers expect in this day and age.

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