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It is a great concern for the companies to run their own programs on their devices and systems to manage the business activities separately and privately. In fact, the existing Operating Systems in a device or devices do not let the users run any private program. However, today, Sandboxie Holdings introduces the best quality program that lets you install all of your desired and compulsory programs on any Operating System you are running on your PC. If you use the Windows Operating System to run your basic programs, it will keep updating your programs and the Windows.

On the other side, Sandboxie‘s isolated technology facilitates every computer user to run the customized programs on a PC that has a Windows Operating System. This new program also prevents the auto updates of your programs and modifications in their functions, working and other important features.

Fundamentally, Sandboxie allows the users to download, install and run their own programs in the hard disk separately that will be safe and convenient to use. Complete isolated programs will secure your browsers, plug-ins, cookies, data and important files from ransom-ware, malware, malicious software, spyware, cyber attacks, hackers, and viruses completely. So, it makes your system completely safe, ideal and free of threats.

Sandboxie also offers its complete compatibility with all the famous and leading web browsers. It means you will be able to protect your browsers as well as the browsing procedure on your device or PC. Further, you can use this isolated technology to run your personal, business and desired email programs separately, safely and easily.

If you need to make your data completely secure, Sandboxie will provide you some functions that play a key part to save your data from every type of threats. You can also use this program to test and verify other applications which you are willing to run through Sandboxie.

"how it is best than other vpn"

wonderful explanation of sandboxie but I have one question is it provide encrytion tunnel to protect our system and many suggest me to use circuit and nord vpn . How it is best than that.
georgetia, Jan 11, 2021
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Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Version Change log
Sandboxie 5.46.0 Jan 7, 2021 Build 5.46.0 resolves many box isolation issues some of them critical that could allow rogue applications to escape the sandbox. It is highly advised to upgrade quickly to the new builds.
Sandboxie now strips particularly problematic privileges from sandboxed system tokens
-- with those a process could atempt to bypass the sandbox isolation (thanks Diversenok)
-- old legacy behavior can be enabled with "StripSystemPrivileges=n" (absolutely NOT Recommended)
added new isolation options "ClosePrintSpooler=y" and "OpenSmartCard=n"
-- those resources are open by default but for a hardened box its desired to close them
added print spooler filter to prevent printers from being set up outside the sandbox
-- the filter can be disabled with "OpenPrintSpooler=y"
added overwrite prompt when recovering an already existing file
added "StartProgram=", "StartService=" and "AutoExec=" options to the SandMan UI
added more compatybility templates (thanks isaak654)
Sandboxie 5.33.3 Mar 5, 2020 Fixes issues related to browser downloads failing in Sandboxie 5.33.2 when Windows Search is disabled.
Sandboxie 5.31.4 Sep 11, 2019 Removed license check and activation requirements.
Fix IE download issues on Windows 7 and 10
Fix IE download issues (and some file rename failures) on Windows 10 Spring 2019
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