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ShareX is that has successfully been around for ten years. With its advanced and customizable hotkey system, wide annotation features, and different region capture styles, it is one of the most-used screen capture applications.

ShareX offers an impressive array of capture methods. Its clean white interface has an accessible list of options on the left, including capture methods such as full screen, active monitor, active window, and region capture. The application is also able to grab scrolling image capture for parallax websites that have dynamic backgrounds. This free program is capable of screen recording, producing video grabs in both MP4 and GIF formats.

Different region capture options make it a versatile screen capture tool. By simply drawing on the screen, users can choose from rectangle, ellipse and freehand region captures. An interesting feature that ShareX has is its ability to identify edges on screen, which can be useful when capturing a certain area inside a window. Additional options to hide or show the cursor, as well as capture images after a certain number of seconds (delayed capture) are available. These detailed options enable users to screenshot images based on their exact desired outcome.

When setting up, users can create customizable workflows for automated actions that will be performed immediately after the image is grabbed from the screen. Users can create custom hotkeys that will trigger specific after-capture events. For instance, users can create a hotkey that will immediately send the grabbed image to a certain folder Other after-capture options include saving printing, uploading to a host, and so much more. Another useful feature is their editor, where users can add alter their grabbed images without having to open an external program.

From the editor, different annotations can be added to the image to emphasize certain parts or crop out unnecessary elements. The clean interface makes the process of annotation easy. A tool bar at the top conveniently allows users to choose from a decent number of tools, including shapes, arrows, blur, pixelate and speech balloon. ShareX also includes a few productivity features like color picker, image thumbnailer and monitor test.

After editing, users can send their images to different destinations like Dropbox and Twitter. Its after-upload tasks make screenshotting a hassle-free experience. Without having to move to another program or window, ShareX can let users shorten, share and copy URLs.

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Last versions of ShareX
Version Change log
ShareX 13.2.1 Sep 8, 2020 Bug fixes
Updated FFmpeg download URL to GitHub because previous host has announced closure
ShareX 13.1.0 Mar 1, 2020 Thumbnail view in main window now supports multi selection by holding Ctrl / Shift and selecting thumbnails
Thumbnail view now supports key shortcuts, previously only available in list view
Added thumbnail title location option to main window right click menu
Added “Run action” sub menu to main window task right click menu
Step annotation tool can now have a tail, which can be shown by dragging the resize node
Added week of year pattern for file naming: %wy
Added random emoji pattern for file naming: %remoji{10}
Added URLEncodeIgnoreEmoji option to Application settings Advanced tab which is needed when using emojis in file name. Currently this is only supported in Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage uploaders
Added Persian language support (by @pourmand1376)
Added “Particles” image effect. For example, it can be used to add snowflakes to screenshots
Removed random position option from image watermark because “Particles” image effect can be used for the same purpose.
ShareX 12.3.1 Nov 19, 2018 Added two pass encoding option to screen recording; basically it records lossless with highest performance option then after recording is done, it applies your encoding options. That way you can select slow encoding option for low file size output without sacrificing recording performance
Added WebP encoding support to screen recording
Added APNG encoding support to screen recording
Added AMF encoding support to screen recording (by @sylveon)
Removed screen record CLI option because task actions already have same functionality and with new two pass encoding option it was not that required anymore
Added Kutt URL shortener support
Added Backblaze B2 file uploader support (by @tinybarks)
Added Mexican Spanish language support (by @absay)
Save buttons in image editor will use task settings to generate name if file name is not supplied yet, that way user can save without use “Save as…” dialog first
Added URL filtering support to history window
Added search support to image history window
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