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There are a lot of note-taking apps and services that have a lot of features to drown you with. If you are someone who prefers simplicity and keeping to the point, you would probably love Simplenote. It is a note-taking app, and it is as simple as it gets without missing out any critical features. It requires you to sign up using your email in order to sync across different devices. Simplenote is available as a web application as well as a native application for Windows, macOS, Linux and iOS and Android apps. The service is completely free with no restrictions and no paid upgrade options.

The visual appearance of all the desktops is pretty much the same. Most of the interface is taken up by the white space to write a new note. All that you can put in a note is text. You cannot attach an image, audio clip or video. You cannot even format any text. Only limited markdown is supported. If you paste any link, it shows up as plain text. If you paste any formatted text, it also shows as plain text without plain text. This completely uncluttered and minimalist feature set may not appeal to everyone, but many would appreciate not having to worry about anything unessential.

Organisation of the notes is also kept very simple. There are no notebooks or stacks as with other competing services. You can add tags to notes. The only organisation option is sorting by using these tags. When you type in a new tag for a note, you have autocomplete to prevent duplicate tags. You also have the option to pin a note to the top of the list of notes in the left column. It also has great versioning system to save previous versions.

There are three ways to share notes. The first one is to share it with someone else who has Simplenote account. Type their account and the note will show up in their list, allowing you to collaboratively edit it. The second option is to share via email. In this case, all the contents of the note are copied into a text email and sent to them. The third option is to get a public URL for the note. This URL will allow anyone you like to see the note via the link.

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Last versions of Simplenote
Version Change log
Simplenote 1.3.4 Dec 20, 2018 Prevent a performance issue that can occur when there is a lot of whitespace in a Markdown note #1078 #1088
Restore tags correctly when restoring a revision #1085
Ensure that the note selected on launch is updated #1093
Improve tag field styles to accommodate notes with many tags #1084
Simplenote 1.3.0 Oct 16, 2018 New features:
Importers for Evernote (.enex) exports, Simplenote (.json) exports, and plain text files #922 #940 #952 #957 #975 #1033
Revamp auto updater #869
Disable checkboxes and hide bullets in Markdown preview of task lists #897 @rakhi2104
Add preview styling for <kbd> tags #901 @rakhi2104
Add markdown property to the JSON file of exported notes #938
Improve keyboard support for modal dialogs #950
Show focus outlines on buttons and other controls when navigating with a keyboard #962
Strip Markdown in note list excerpts (with the exception of ordered and unordered lists) #996 @ksdme
Fix a crash bug that occurred when clicking the Share button immediately after selecting a tag in the tag drawer #884
Remove outdated help text in the Share dialog #919 @rakhi2104
Fix “bad quality package” error on Ubuntu #933
Fix the Sidebar toggle button not working immediately after launch #945
Make the Revisions selector full-width when in Focus Mode #960 @clayreimann
Fix issues
Simplenote 1.2.1 Oct 16, 2018 Simplenote
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