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Skype is one of the best telecommunication tool and software which is extensively specialized in providing voice calls and video chats from tablets, PC, mobile devices, etc; through the Internet to various other telephones or devices or smartphones. People can use the Skype for exchanging images and files, sending instant messages, creating conference calls, sending video messages, etc.

In addition, Skype can be downloaded on various operating systems like Mac, Microsoft, Linux, and in various Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows tablets and smartphones. And the interesting part is that Skype is available for free. Using a microphone you can communicate with your loved ones and with the webcam feature, you can take recording of the video and there is the instant messaging and chatting feature that helps you to converse online all over the world. 

One of the extensive feature why people like to use or would eager to use Skype is that a Skype-to Skype call is free while the calls made to a landline or mobile phone gets charged through a Debit card based accounting system known as Skype Credit. Initially, Skype was a hybrid client-server and PEER-PEER system. But from May 2012, it got powered by the Microsoft run supernodes. As per the 2013 surveillance and mass disclosures, it was found out that Microsoft had given full granted access to intelligence agencies with regard the Skype communication and supernodes content.

Of course, there are certain network administrators who have banned the Skype on home, corporate, education and corporate networks. The ban is based on reasons like excessive amount of bandwidth usage, improper use of resources, security concerns, and the list goes on and on. The extensive feature of the Skype call is that one can make Skype to Skype calls to another individual and that too free from any part of the world. Even making calls to landlines and mobile are easy and can be done to worldwide users at decent call rates.

Not to forget, you can make group calls along with other people on a single call and simultaneously add up to about 25 individuals. Plus the Skype number is quite convenient. Your friends call to a given number and you can easily pick up the call irrespective of where you are in the part of the world. Also the forward call feature, make it easy to forward the calls to other known phones when you cannot pickup or unavailable at Skype.

Another extensive feature is the Caller ID. You would never be known as an unknown or debarred number. Your callers would easily be aware of your number and name which gets flashed along at the time of the call. And the best part is that Skype is the best communication tool on the go. You get to make international calls at lowest rates.  In addition, it is quite convenient and great in switching between making the calls and browsing the net in a single click.

Making one to one video calls is quite easy and it helps in getting closer with the face to face catch up that you can do. Not to forget, just like the video calls, you can make group video calls with Skype. So, you can get along with your group of buddies at the same time on a video call even though each of you are thousands of miles apart. Have you ever though how much convenience messaging is? And this is with regard to the video messaging. Just imagine, you can send messages which you can hear, see, feel, etc.

Another extensive feature of the Skype is the instant feature. You could use your fingers to talk, and chitchat and pour your hearts on the latest gossips, project worked, planning a trip, and various other exciting activities in a single instant. In addition, you cannot forget about sending text messages. The interesting and one of the best feature of the Skype is the texting message where you can chat and communicate with your loved one and friends through the comfort of the keyboard.

Also there is the additional feature known as voice messaging. This is the most common sign as and when you are very much busy to talk. With the help of the Skype you can track and take account of the messages that are for you. There is the latest addition known as Groupme which helps in sharing the photo, messages, locations, etc from the mobile devices. Another extensive feature is the sharing and sending of the files through Skype.

Using the Skype, you can send photos, videos, and files. Just by simply dropping or adding the files into the Skype chat you can get it transferred to the required person. Not to forget, there is the Sharing Screen feature where you have the authority to share the screen with the person you are talking to. Even there is group screen sharing where you can bring all the people on the same page for making group video calls. A great way to have a blast and to enjoy with your buddies.

Sending contacts and sharing Skype names, numbers are quite easy by using the Skype. Without spending a huge amount of time and downloading, you can simply send the required details through Skype. In addition, Skype has got various interactive features like video calling your Facebook friends, instant messaging, checking out and reading the latest news feed directly on the Skype.

The latest feature of the Skype is that you can get about two million public hotspots from all around the world. Through the Skype WiFi, you won’t miss your time in contacting and interacting with other users. The Skype manager is one simple tool that is used for creating accounts and assigning features and suitable credits. Then there is the Skype Connect where you can use the Skype calls by using the current SIP run PBX. And not to forget, you can use the Skype buttons to add them to your blog or website, making it easy for any individual to IM or call you.

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