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This is a software which functions by cleaning computer Rams and hard disks. Experts give this software a rating of close to five stars and it has many modules to use to clean your computer. All the drives are well policed by this software to ensure that they do not come up with any issues. When a computer has been newly bought, it works very fast and downloads with high speed. Yet, over time, the computer begins to get slow and thus does not work fast.

It is used to keep your PC in optimum shape so that your computer works very well. It does work very well even if your PC is using Windows 8, 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista as the operating system.

Many of the computer cleaners out there are not as good as this SlimWare Utilities since it is expert in cleaning computers. This SlimWare Utilities has a way of rating every application within the computer to ensure that the application is not toxic to the computer. It rates the computer application as either safe or unsafe. Safe means it will not clog the computer and make it difficult for it to function optimally.

SlimWare Utilities may not look very user-friendly but it gets the work done. It is also well built and edited with a registry that is inbuilt. The work which SlimWare Utilities does help lowers the consumption of power by the battery and can really function as a energy saving software. SlimWare Utilities works by identifying outdated and out of use antivirus which is still in the system and clogging up the working and functioning of the system. When it identifies all such anti-viruses, they can be uninstalled to make the PCs work faster.

SlimWare Utilities comes with an analyse button which can scan the whole system to deliver you a report when you click it. From this report, you can realize what the problems are and take appropriate measures. SlimWare Utilities also has the ability to give you a warning when you want to uninstall an application which is well identified and has good ratings. It gives you a prompt and a warning to know if you still want to go ahead and delete it.

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SlimCleaner Jul 11, 2018
SlimCleaner 4.0.30878.55 Jul 11, 2013 · The disk wiper now warns the user of the complete lost of data when fully wiping a disk.
· The disk wiper now warns the user that all applications should be closed when performing a free-space wipe.
· Upon cancelling a full disk wipe, the disk wiper will warn the user that some data is now lost.
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