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Download the SmarterMail Free Edition to power your email communication. The SmarterMail Free Edition provides you with easy automation, migration and conversion of web services and forms the basis for collaboration. It lets you sent instant message through the mail server protocols by stopping spams, preventing security threats and works as a productive application.

The specialties of SmarterMail Free Edition are listed in functional capabilities like mailbox migration, mail server conversion and compatibility with different control panels. It provides the ability to add, remove and edit domains, users, calendars, tasks, notes, RSS feeds. You can retrieve user and get performance statistics details.

The SmarterMail Free Edition supports SyncML, Exchange ActiveSync, CalDAV, CardDAV, Exchange Web Services and Outlook Scheduling Assistant. It can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and higher, Thunderbird and Lightning. It has webmail’s reminder system, availability of attendees, personal contacts, shared calendars, contacts, tasks and notes.

Send instant message using the SmartMail Free Edition server and search for your chats from the archive, take print. It is compatible with the chat clients on XMPP. SMTP, IMAP, IMAP IDLE, POP3 and LDAP – all such server protocols are supported by SmarterMail Free Edition. The tool has so many functional capabilities to mention like gateways greylisting, spam check, domain exception, authentication, SSL/TLS support, backup MX server and SmartHost.

Use SmarterMail Free Edition to throttle email list, to prioritize your emailing, to assign per subscriber mail login, for customization of command messages, for composing enhanced emails and to toggle auto generated responses. The tool also have common subscribers database, links unsubscription, double opt-in and automated bounce detection and removal. It supports smart phone connectivity and multiple identity support with contacts import and export abilities.  

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55.70 MB

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Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64

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Last versions of SmarterMail Free Edition
Version Change log
SmarterMail Free Edition 16.2.6442 Aug 23, 2017 Added: New diagnostic check to determine the number of IIS worker processes; if there is more than one, this new check fails.
Changed: Better authentication error logging.
Fixed: Exchange Web Services shared folders are not syncing changes to the EWS client.
Fixed: Instances where Bcc could be seen in the email header.
SmarterMail Free Edition 16.1.6425 Aug 21, 2017 Changed: Better error handling logging was added to the administrative logs during the login process.
Changed: CSS styling changes to Dark theme to make Action menu in Spool Overview more legible.
Changed: Date input fields are now clickable for browsers that don't natively support in-browser date/time editing.
Changed: In domain CSV exports, the Active / Inactive fields have been renamed to Enabled / Disabled to match the web interface terminology.
SmarterMail Free Edition 16.0.6397 Jul 19, 2017 Added: A new spam check log file that will report spam check status and exceptions (initially contains only SPF logging).
Added: LATAM Spanish translation file now available.
Changed: Add to Outlook no longer appears in mobile versions of the interface.
Changed: Calendar events now show with strike-through in the web client if they were cancelled.
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