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There are many types of features of the Software Ideas Modeler. The Unified Modeling Language also called as the (UML) is the standardized and a general-purpose of modeling the language on the ground of the object-oriented engineering software. The Software Modeler Ideas support all the 14 kinds of the UML diagrams. You can also use the stereotypes and the tagged values, the documentation for each and every element of the diagram. Some of the supported diagrams of the  UML 2.x are as use case diagram, timing diagram, state diagram, Sequence diagram, Profile diagram, Package diagram, Object diagram, Interaction overview diagram, Deployment diagram, Composite structure diagram, Component diagram, Communication diagram, Activity diagram and Class diagram.

Besides the BPMN and the UML diagrams it is also supported  by many other diagrams. Some of them are as follows: Mixed diagram, JSD Network diagram, JSD Entity structure diagram, Venn diagram, Mind map, Concurrency diagram, Requirement diagram, User interface diagram, Robustness diagram, Hierarchical task analysis, Entity life history, CRC card diagram, Data flow diagram (Sarson notation and Gane / Jourdon), Entity relationship diagram (Chen notation / Crow's Foot), Flowchart and ArchiMate.

The Business Process Model and Notation also called as the (BPMN). It has the properties of  the representation of the graphics for the specific processes of the business in the process of a business model. Software Ideas Modeler implements the BPMN 2.0 and also supports all the three kinds of the BPMN diagrams. These diagrams are called, as the following names, Choreography diagram, Conversation diagram and Collaboration diagram.

The shaping program allows you to apply the operations of the clipping and the elements of the group drawing. It allows you to draw figures like rectangles, ellipse and many more. These operations are supported by the Union, Intersection, Difference, Combine (XOR).

The canvas has much setting and options you can even customize it as per your preference. The bounds of the diagrams can also be fixed by the Tabloid, Ledger, Junior Legal, Legal, Letter, A0 - A5 or any other size of the customs. It can be something between the multipages. The borders of the diagrams can also be visible or not as perfect as the diagram of the background.

The System Modeling Language also known as the SysML is a common purpose modeling language for  the systems  of the engineering applications. It also supports a specific system; it analysis the system; it also helps in the design, it verifies and also validates a broad range of the systems-of-systems and the systems. You can also use the stereotypes, the tagged values and the documentation for each and every element of the diagram. There are a few of the SysML 1.3 diagrams, names as Package diagram, Internal block diagram, Parametric diagram, Internal block diagram, Block definition diagram, Use case diagram, State machine diagram, Sequence diagram, Activity diagram, here are many more of the features in the Software Ideas Modeler.

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Version Change log
Software Ideas Modeler Portable x64 11.50 B6627. Feb 22, 2018 New Features and Improvements:
Added support for loading/saving from/to SharePoint [RQ#342,RQ#1504]
Added new SysML element Item Flow
Added new SysML element Allocate
Software Ideas Modeler Portable x64 11.45 B6576. Jan 3, 2018 Improved Requirement diagram:
Insert requirement bellow/above
Indent selected requirements (make subrequirements)
Outdent selected requirements (cancel subrequirements)
Software Ideas Modeler Portable x64 11.40.6515.1 Nov 3, 2017 Added Element Alias Editor
Added support for aliases to glossary term
Added support for other names and abbreviations to glossary term
New element can be inserted to a diagram on single click
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11.50 B6627.135

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