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The SourceMonitor is a develop app to open the source codes of different software for learning about it more or to modify the software functionalities and to customize the applications usage. It is more like the dissection tool for software – once linked with software the SourceMonitor will reveal all the codes, scripts used in making that software. It helps users to quickly identify the coding language and the tweaks performed in preparing software.

Due to its very specific purpose oriented nature the SourceMonitor is more appropriate for computer software and application developers who pose strong knowledge on coding, scripting and programming. By using SourceMonitor the developers bring the inside matter of any software on public surface. Then they review it to learn more about the software, coding and scripting. One can decide to further customize it.

Functionally the SourceMonitor is written on C++ and catches all the codes and metrics of the other program that one wishes to scrutinize. In single pass it will measure the metrics in codes. It will work equally well for different developer languages like C, C++, Delphi, VB, HTML and VB.Net etc. Analyzing the software codes and scripts not only reveals the complexities but also encourage further contribution. Developers spending life for open source editing should download the unique program SourceMonitor. It is free here.

The program is capable to let users modify the codes complexity metrics. It will display results in different tables, charts and Kiviat format and will allow easier exporting and importing of the codes. Rated well by industries top magazines, the SourceMonitor is a quality product you can blindly rely.

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Last versions of SourceMonitor
Version Change log
SourceMonitor Feb 28, 2018 Features added:
New export option to specify decimal point character.
SourceMonitor Apr 28, 2017 Features added:
New export option to specify decimal point character.
SourceMonitor May 13, 2015 Enhancements and fixes:
Enhanced log to console from script commands.
Java: enhanced parsing to handle expressions such as: getP().add(new Grid());
Java: not parsing methods in anonymous classes properly.
C++: wasn't parsing some methods implemented in header files.
Java: counting one erroneous statement at block level just inside a method.
Java: Not parsing "}else{" construct correctly.
C: Double counting some function statements, caused excess counts in Statements per Function metric.
Not counting blank lines properly.
Reorder checkpoints and change a checkpoint name: the wrong name is saved. Added check to prevent entering the name of an existing checkpoint.
Can't open a read-only project. Now you can open the project but get an error if you try to save the project.
Java: the less than symbol '
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