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SRWare Iron is a free web browser designed for users who value their privacy.  When you are browsing with SRWare Iron you can rest assured that your search or downloading information is not shared on the internet. It is available in multiple languages. All the privacy breaches committed by Chrome are dealt with on this browser. You can use it without installation by simply downloading it to a USB. It is free and open sourced.

Features and Functions:

It looks similar to Chrome in design but you can change the theme to the design you like. You get all that is offered by Chrome but with added privacy. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. There is also an option to download it for Android from Google Play. If you want to use it but don’t want to install it on your PC, download the portable version to your USB stick.

You have access to developer’s tools by simply hitting F12. If you have a default browser with bookmarks SRWare Iron can easily import or export them to and from different browser. SRWare Iron, also called “The browser of the future” does not share your information with Google. The security feature of Iron is tightened because:

  • It does not have installation IDs when you download it
  • It does not give you suggestions when you type a word in the search bar
  • There is no error message when you type wrong address in the search bar
  • Crashes or failures details are not reported to Google
  • The place and time you download SRWare Iron is not sent to Google
  • It does not have  Google Updater that loads at every Windows background

Iron has built-in Ad Blocker which can be configured by a single file. You will not have advertisers bothering you with adverts because where and what you browse is privately guarded. Compared to other browsers, it comes with 12 preview thumbs so that you can effectively use the space available on your monitor. The user agent is flexible, easy to customize and can be permanently changed.

DNS-Precaching mostly used by spammers is disabled by default for added convenience and security. SRWare Iron is a browser with innovative features you can use without worrying about security and privacy. At last there is a free source code Chromium browser that gives users peace of mind by eliminating tracking functions adopted by other browsers.

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of SRWare Iron
Version Change log
SRWare Iron 79.0.4100.0 Jan 10, 2020 several minor improvements
SRWare Iron 78.0.4050.0 Dec 9, 2019 Several minor improvements
SRWare Iron 77.0.4000.0 Oct 16, 2019 several minor improvements
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