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Subtitle Edit is a subtitle editor for your movies. You can use it not only when creating the subtitles, but also when the subtitles are not properly timed and need to adjust their timing.

Program Tools:

visual subtitle correction (start and end positions),
export / import from html,
Edit all headlines and their times
Time display settings
Delete text
possibility of conversion between MicroDVD, SubRib, Substation Alpha, SAMI, etc.,
split headlines or join them,
possibility to display video and audio track at the moment,
spelling control.

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File size:
7.37 MB

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Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Subtitle Edit
Version Change log
Subtitle Edit 3.5.16 Jun 16, 2020 NEW:
OCR method "nOCR" (vector based with auto training) - thx Janusz
Enable custom color for waveform cursor
New shortcuts to move start/end one frame
New shortcuts to move start/end with gap - thx matmaggi/Fhining/btsix
Add move shortcuts to waveform (arrow left/right) - thx Shaddy
Add shortcut for "add waveform" - thx Bill
Add shortcuts for "go to prev/next sub and play"
Add new subtitle format - thx Matmanamane
Add new subtitle format "Speechmatics" - thx Rene
Add new json sub formats - thx Steven
Add new sub format - thx Luke
Add new formats - thx Hai-Lag
Add Bulgarian no-break-after-list - thx Eva
Add "More than two lines" to "Modify selection"
Settings: Small helper window to calc gap in frames
Add "Center, right justify" to image export - thx waelmohammed5
Add Malayalam spell check diactionary download
Improve italic-space-detection in "Binary image comp" - thx tormento
Many minor improvements to OCR (find/new shortcuts/preview and more)
Subtitle Edit 3.5.15 May 1, 2020 NEW:
Add "sentence continuation style" - thx Flitskikker
Allow generation of waveform without audio - thx serquis/grzesiek
Auto-adjust start via volume/scene-change" shortcut - thx Odaylton
Add shortcut "Select next subtitle (from video pos)" - thx OmrSi
Add shortcuts for extending to line before/after - thx Flitskikker
Line width pixels in main-win/syntax-validation/statistics - thx Flitskikker
Add "snap to scene change" option for waveform - thx Flitskikker
Add FCE rule about commas - thx Jamakmake/OmrSi
Add new subtitle format - thx Marko
Add new subtitle format - thx José
Add new subtitle format - thx Bersu
Add new subtitle format - thx Michael
Add support for pasting file from clipboard in list view - thx 5j9
Update Bulgarian translation - thx KalinM
Update Finnish translation - thx Teijo S
Update Korean translation - thx domddol
Update Brazilian translation - thx Igor
Update Greek translation - thx Lero91
Update Dutch translation - thx xylographe/Flitskikker
Subtitle Edit 3.5.14 Mar 8, 2020 NEW:
"UTF-8 without BOM" encoding added - thx uckthis
Add "Dialog style" setting - thx OmrSi/Flitskikker
Add some support for reading Adobe Premiere .prproj files - thx Ariana
Add new sub format - thx uckthis
Add new sub format - thx Ingo
Add new json subtitle format - thx Niraj
Shortcut "remove time codes"
Update Finnish translation - thx Teijo S.
Update Basque translation - thx Azpidatziak
Update Dutch translation - thx xylographe
Update Bulgarian translation - thx KalinM
Update Russian translation - thx Elheym
Update Portuguese translation - thx moob
Update names lists with territories from CLDR - thx xylographe
Remove (obsolete) support for SSL3
Remember "merge short lines max chars" - thx taxen
Make SubRip allow empty lines (even when no line numbers) - thx Niels
Improve auto detect encoding for Polish language - thx Krzysztof
Improve icons for dark mode (mostly help icon)
Import images now sorts by start time - thx Jamakmake
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