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Sumatra PDF is a PDF viewer that is designed while keeping the elements of ease of use and speed in mind. It is designed to work to the point. There simply aren’t any fancy extras that do no good to the users. All it incorporates are the essentials required for viewing different kinds of PDFs and for organizing, searching and navigating through them. But there is one exceptional feature that makes it different and much better than any competing product in the market and that is its portability. Yes! You can put it in a flash drive and carry it around to use it any computer you want to without having to install it from the scratch.

As far as the user experience is concerned, Sumatra PDF is a pretty simple PDF viewer that helps a user get the job done in an effective and efficient manner. There is a tool bar that offers the basic functionalities of zooming in/out, printing, searching and skipping different pages back and forth. It also offers the facility of sending out an email with the PDF being viewed as an attachment without even having to leave the application.

One other notable feature is the home screen that appears whenever you try to open up a PDF file. Rather than taking you directly to it, Sumatra PDF offers a main page that displays a list of the most frequently opened files. This feature might come in very handy when you are looking on a project that requires you to take a look at different reference files from time to time.

Over the years, different PDF viewing software have managed to become bulky and loaded in order to prove their superiority but if you are looking for a plain and simple tool to have a look at your PDFs and perform the basic functions around it, you’ve got it in the form of Sumatra PDF. It is lightweight and thus pretty quick and efficient.

One little thing that appears to be a little annoying is the fact that you can’t do a lot about changing the appearance of the PDF viewer. If you try to change the ‘Advanced Settings’, it takes you to an HTML file that you are apparently supposed to edit in order to make the required changes. Other than that, if you are looking for a simple PDF viewer to get the job done, Sumatra PDF is a catch.

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Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Sumatra PDF
Version Change log
Sumatra PDF 3.1.2 Aug 14, 2016 -fixed issue with icons being purple in latest Windows 10 update
-tell Windows 10 that SumatraPDF can open supported file types
Sumatra PDF 2.3 May 22, 2013 · Greater configurability via advanced settings
· "Go To Page" in ebook ui
· add View/Manga Mode menu item for Comic Book (CBZ/CBR) files

new key bindings:
· Ctrl-Up : page up
· Ctrl-Down : page down

· add support for OpenXPS documents
· support Deflate64 in Comic Book (CBZ/CBR) files
· fixed missing paragraph indentation in EPUB documents
· printing with "Use original page sizes" no longer centers pages on paper
· reduced size. Installer is ~1MB smaller
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