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TCP Optimizer freeware

TCP Optimizer

Version: 4.1.1 | Size: 0.67 MB | Filename: TCPOptimizer.exe
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There are times when you experience lag or slow internet connection. There are instances where you experience fast internet connection during morning up till afternoon, but then it suddenly slows down at night. You might be experiencing something like saturation, this means the internet connection that your ISP provides is being used by a lot of customers which makes the connection slow down. It’s not a problem in other countries, but there are some places where this is a big problem and you cannot do anything about this, you ISP might just say they still don’t have enough infrastructures to provide super-fast internet for everyone. But of course, you can’t just sit down and do nothing right? You might be thinking about optimizing your system, this is where TCP Optimizer comes in.

The TCP Optimizer is a free program designed for Windows which can help you optimize your internet connection. You don’t have to worry if you haven’t used such programs before, the TCP Optimizer can be easily used by beginners and experts too. The program can optimize relevant TCP or IP parameters in your Windows Registry, this makes it easier to optimize the system whatever type of connection you are using. But of course, it doesn’t mean your slow internet connection suddenly becomes fast and exceeds the speed you are paying for. If you paid for a low MB/s subscription, you will still get what you paid for. Back to TCP Optimizer, this program uses advanced algorithms and finds the best TCP settings depending on your bandwidth and connection speed, in short, it tunes things up so you can get the best possible connection for what you paid for.

How does it work? You just select the max speed of the connection you are using in Kb/s instead of Mb/s, you will see that in the program window just right where connection speed is written. You can choose the network adapter for the internet connection in the network adapter selection, there is also a box labeled modify all network adapter for computers with wired network card or wireless adapter. All you have to do now is apply the settings, to do this just select optimal settings and click apply change then restart your computer. Easy isn’t it?

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of TCP Optimizer
Version Change log
TCP Optimizer 4.1.1 Jan 10, 2021 Changed the recommended "optimal" congestion control algorithm from CTCP to CUBIC for newer Windows 10 and Server 2019 builds. CUBIC works slightly better for pure throughput, CTCP may work slightly better for VoIP and gaming in combination with ECN and lossy connections.
TCP Optimizer 4.1.0 Feb 22, 2019
TCP Optimizer 4.0.6 Sep 27, 2016 Changed recommended optimal TCP Auto Tuning level from "experimental" to "normal" for fast connections over 100 Mbps to avoid some LAN shares issues
Updated recommended optimal TCP Auto Tuning level from "restricted" to "disabled" for connection speeds under 512 Kbps.
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