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It is a software solution for audio chat designed with security, easy handling and innumerable customization option. It offers crystal clear voice quality and is packed with brilliant performance and incredible features. Users generally use headphones with a microphone. The users of TeamSpeak can link the channels of chat. The target group of audience of TeamSpeak are the gamers who are able to utilize the software to correspond with other users of a game which is of multiplayer genre. It also acts an online communication tool for education and training, business interactions and allows you to stay in touch with friends and family.

TeamSpeak has also introduced cloud services. Thus you can store your bookmark servers, identities, add-ons and much more in cloud store safely. You can host your own TeamSpeak server or rent one from Authorized TeamSpeak Host Provider. Your TeamSpeak address will help you to get connected with other users. Though TeamSpeak offers an open platform for communication but offers extensive security settings. TeamSpeak works through all firewalls and you can easily transfer files to other users of the conference or simply save them to the server. The integrated text chats also allows easy communication. Add-ons, skins and plug-ins and other tools will help you to customize your TeamSpeak clients to suit your own needs. The services come for a price to servers though the fee for the license is free of cost. The main benefit which is derived from using this application is that if offers communication as well as cooperation between people by means of chat channels which is great for interacting with employees in an organization.

TeamSpeak comes with the feature of multi-platform and so is available for all platforms. All versions are developed and are compatible with each other.

It is strongly recommended to download TeamSpeak from their official website. This ensures the latest virus free version. TeamSpeak is available for operating systems of Microsoft Windows, LinuX, MacOS, iOS, FreeBSD and Android. It can also support on mobile phones.

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Teamspeak 3.1.8 Apr 17, 2018 Fixed disconnect on invalid connection info data.
Hardened Linux startscript to better find installed SSL certificates. If no SSL certificates are found, don't crash the client on start but show meaningful error message (but we still cannot run without SSL certificates).
Fixed critical messagebox very early in the startup process, which tried to load an icon before the zip archive was initialized.
Fixed to badges parser which failed to limit shown badges to three with invalid input.
Fixed creating bookmark folders in bookmarks manager.
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