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The GodFather is a tag editor program that allows one to organize their MP3 folders. This software application features a built-in library that keeps a record of your MP3 folders and files. Additionally, the library also to preview up to 4 pictures per album that is contained in the MP3 files, and you can also edit the folders.

The automatic suggestion capability of the GodFather makes it easy and simple to use for organizing your audio files. Tags can be automatically created based on the folder names and the file location. This software will, therefore, complement the organizational system that you have in place.

This software has a function for “search lyrics using Google” that will get you instant results of a selected file with the lyrics from either the web page or the Google search page. This quickens the process of searching for lyrics, although you will need to copy and save the lyrics to the tags manually.

Auto-tagging is also a useful feature with this audio management software. Online databases such as Amazon, Allmusic and Freedb are compatible with this feature. The tag info is retrieved impressively fast as we witnessed when we tested this feature with the built-in Amazon search.

The GodFather allows for storage of additional information in addition to the standard tags. You can customize your files by adding album artwork, song lyrics, and artist biographies among others.

The features of the GodFather make it an intelligent organizer and renamer of MP3 files and folders. With this software, you will be able to lose all those unorthodox MP3 file names and transform them into a consistent name scheme based on the album information, song or artist that is featured in the MP3 tag. This tool will scan your MP3 folders and give you new name suggestions automatically. The results window will also show you what the old name was versus the suggested name and then you can choose the files you want to rename.

Another capability of the GodFather is the creation of whole folder structures based on the ID3 tag information. This makes file and folder management easier and more convenient.

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Last versions of The GodFather
Version Change log
The GodFather 0.89 Aug 28, 2017 New/Changed:
*New right click command, 'Open file in explorer'
*New columns: encoding/tag type/path/directory/file date/file time
*Added support for Bad ID3v2.3 tags using ID3v2.2 frames
*Library added fields compilation,content group,conductor, media type
*Library small UI changes
*Support for the Initial Key field
*Option to use the current folder for Open/Save file dialogs
*Added miscellaneous options for the grid appearance
*Restructure: 'Remove empty folders' option added
*Restructure: Added support for presets
*Restructure: 'Other files' can now include entire folders (e.g *.m3u;covers )
*Drag n Drop allowed for template image
*Library: improved list parsing for tones/styles and added situation,composer,genre
*Library: listings used on tree
*Library: Added artist rating
*Workflow recap
*Presets dialog enhanced
*All controls that accept %variables have a context menu attached
*Option for ID3v2 language descriptor added
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