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Get access to any application or computer desktop using the ThinVNC HTML5 Remote Desktop from your computer. The ThinVNC HTML5 Remote Desktop is remote desktop connection software that gives user the power to share, enrich and engage. Users can listen to songs, share and transfer files and get things printed across the continent using the great tool.

The ThinVNC HTML5 Remote Desktop requires no installation or downloads being a web solution. It gives access to all remotely running desktop client services like in Windows Terminal Services with RDS/ VDI platforms. Users can use them from any PC or device. Variation with device and the device’s operating system will hamper the connecting with remote computers. Even to that, the file transfer, sharing, printing, networking, programming will also not get hampered due to ThinVNC’s cross browser and cross platform compatibility.

The ThinVNC HTML5 Remote Desktop supports 4 languages including the English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. It uses 3 different architectures for balancing the load. As a result users get the most optimum output of their resource utilization avoiding overload or system failure.

Customize and manage the access of ThinVNC HTML5 Remote Desktop by other users by defining access sets for applications in active directory permission so that all your created profiles fits to their end needs. As a host you can integrate the details to Active Directory and therefore you can turn them all on or set them up or manage them all with a single sign in.

ThinVNC HTML5 Remote Desktop is a complete web solution that requires users not to install any third party software prior using the tool and its HTML5 Remote Desktop Access is secure, high performing and uses IP, http and WebSockets protocols.

Lastly the tools JavaScript SDK library makes the tools integration into your website or other windows or desktop applications easier. The tool validates a corporate environment with external authentication method. It has a customizable web interface with Access Profiles Web Service and Analytics Web Services modules. The Access Profiles Web Service module allows information retrieval, creation and deletion and modification of profiles. It also enables execution of series of tasks in single command. Its Transaction Manager looks after such series functions. The Analytics Web Service details on data for login, session etc details.

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