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The Tibia Client is one of the free and best (hardcore) fantasy game which is in the timeless retro look. It is a MMORPG and one of the oldest and the most successful role playing game (online) present in the Europe.  Basically, at present there are about 500,000 active and gaming fanatics players who are engrossed in the Tibia Client gaming from all over the world.

The game inhabits the era of the medieval world of the Tibia and currently there are about 79 games available all over the world. The gameplay of this tool is quite interesting and one gets to play various characters like paladins, knights, druids, sorcerers, etc. In this game, the players are faced with the greatest challenge of dangerous dungeons and cells. Plus you can interact with other players from all over the world through the social level.

If the brave character won’t survive the adventure, he or she would be suffering from a great amount of loss in Tibia. And the best part is that besides the harsh amount of penalty and the given amount of freedom that players can enjoy in this games is unmeasurable. There are infinite characters in progression and that just creates a great amount of deep and immensely great gaming experience that you would enjoy always.

The Tibia Client can be played directly using the browser with the help of the web client. Plus, there is a standalone client which would be always available for downloading in the official website. Basically, the Tibia Client can be played for free and it can be upgraded to a premium account at any time.

Since there are various people who use this game all over the world, and since the standalone clients are from foreign countries, the official language of the Tibia Client is English. All over the world, Polish, Brazilians, US- Americans, Swedish, etc are the greatest fans of this tool.

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Tibia Client 11 Sep 14, 2016 Jorge has expanded his stock of replica items. The following fansite replicas can now be exchanged for silver raid tokens: medusa skull, golden newspaper, bag of oriental spices, Imortus, encyclopedia, doll of Durin The Almighty, hand puppets, music box.
The rift warrior outfit can only be worn by premium accounts.
We fixed an issue with the animation of certain objects in the stand-alone client where the first frame of an animation was skipped. The Tibia Flash client already displayed the correct animation of such objects.
We fixed a bunch of map bugs, graphical bugs, typos and other minor text issues
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