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TightVNC is a remote control software and you are able to see the desktop and control it just as if you were sitting in front of it. There are other administration and connectivity tools that are used for the administrator to access computers remotely and solve problems and access systems from different locations and TightVNC, formerly VNC is such a program.

The software can be downloaded from the web and is a free tool for administrators to use to solve remote computer management.  The software has been enhanced since VNC was incorporated and one of the improvements is that files can now be transferred to the remote computer using the software and is referred to as the server. It is also possible to reverse the process with the remote workstation transferring to the base computer.

The other improvements are that the cursor is easier to control, improvement to cope with slower internet connections, better display performance and web browser improvements with more secure connections and requiring two passwords. One password for full control and one for reading only applications.

The advantages of using TightVNC is that it is free for both personal and business use with no limitations. It is perfect for administration purposes or as an individual accessing your second computer if you are travelling or from another location. It can be used across different platforms and is available for Windows, Unix and Java Client. If you already have VNC software the TightVNC is compatibles and conforms well to the protocol specifications.

Once the software has been installed on both stations you can connect to the remote station by opening the TightVNC and the connection window will appear. Enter the name of the remote machine and then options. Configure the options as you would like them and click OK. After that enter the sessions password and Ok after which the other screen will appear.

Using TightVNC you will save a lot of time and travel by solving problems and sharing files remotely. The other uses why it is useful to an individual is to check on the home computer if you are away and make sure that there are no problems.

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Last versions of TightVNC
Version Change log
TightVNC 2.8.53 Nov 19, 2020 Server and Viewer for Windows: Added support for Unicode clipboard transfers (UTF-8). The latest public version of the standard RFB protocol (3.8) does not support Unicode text, so we implemented this via a new TightVNC protocol extension. This feature will work when supported at both ends of the connection.
Server for Windows: Added support for Echo messages to let viewer software check responsiveness of a server. This may be used for detecting network failures faster when there is no other traffic between Server and Viewer, and will work only with viewers that support and use this new protocol extension. Echo messages will be supported in our latest SDKs but normal TightVNC Viewer does not use them yet.
Server for Windows: Protection against brute-force attacks has been improved. Previously, the server allowed no more than 10 authentication failures per 30 seconds from the same IP address.
TightVNC 2.8.27 Oct 23, 2019 Server for Windows: Fixed server crash on changing window size when sharing one particular window with -sharewindow option (sf bug #1475).
Server for Windows: Fixed problems with generating incorrect symbols with certain national keyboard layouts, e.g. when pressing "3" in Turkish layout and "6" in Portugese Brazilian ABNT2 layout (sf bugs #1482, #1458).
Server for Windows: Fixed problem with sending black screen when a viewer requests 16-bit or 8-bit colors with big-endian byte order (sf bug #1473).
Server for Windows: Fixed an issue with mouse cursor jumping to the top left corner of the screen on requesting full screen update.
Viewer for Windows: Added support of Romanian diacritical marks.
Viewer for Windows: Fixed a problem of adding extra null character when transferring text data from clipboard (sf bug #1485).
Viewer for Windows: Fixed incorrect handling of the -mousecursor command-line option (sf bug #1457).
TightVNC 2.8.23 Jul 5, 2019 Server for Windows: Implemented an adaptive algorithm for improving image quality by re-transmitting static screen areas using lossless compression.
Server for Windows: Added option to disable screen reading through Direct3D API.
Server for Windows: Fixed lockup after execution of the command -controlservice –sharewindow.
Server for Windows: Fixed slowdown while copying screen data through Direct3D API in multi-monitor configurations.
Server for Windows: Fixed slowdown while searching video windows by a class name.
Server for Windows: Fixed a descriptor leak (low severity).
Viewer for Windows: Fixed incorrect character transmission in Swedish keyboard layout.
Viewer for Windows: Added new -logpath command line option.
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