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TOR For Windows freeware

TOR For Windows

Version: 10.5.2 | Size: 69.10 MB | Filename: torbrowser-install-win64-10.5.2_en-US.exe
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Browsing history is a lot safer and more protected when using Tor Browser. It is administrated by a team of professionals all over the world, preventing your personal information to be used by third party websites. Tor Browser runs on any platform such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS C. It comes in a portable version so that you can simply carry it on a USB flash drive instead of installing it.

This browser is specifically created to those who need to browse online without having their personal information shared. For instance, individuals use this browser to ensure that their location or personal information is not gathered though third party websites. In addition, the browser can be set up in your preferred language, to ensure maximum convenience.

This browsing tool used for anonymous web browsing due to its security protocols that cover all tracks. All of this data is encrypted and hidden from online software, to ensure that both location and identity are hidden. Even though this browser allows access to the deep net, where all complex transactions take place, it is also good for protecting any transaction information. For instance, when placing an order online and entering your credit card information you can rest assured that the financial information will later be deleted from the system and no one will have access to it.

Tor’s interface is very simple to use. It has the same tab distribution and it gives access to more websites at a time, while taking benefit of its full screen at maximum. In addition, users can set up the security information as they wish in the Privacy and Security Settings menu. These options can be set up on four security levels, from Low (default option) to High.

Tor browser can be easily customized using extensions and apps that you trust. Its most used search engine is StartPage, which ensures that you won’t have any personal information shared during the keyword search process. For further data protection, the developers have also included a set of guidelines to follow when browsing anonymously, to ensure identity protection and safety.

Overall, Tor is a great browser for reporters and journalists writing from dangerous locations, for law enforcement officers and online operations, for activists and low profile people, businesses, IT professionals, military officers and many more. It is among the safest web browsers, since valuable information is kept and protected from third-party websites. 

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