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Transmission users can rest assured that their privacy is in good hands. This Bit Torrent client has no third-party ads or user tracking features or analytics. It is designed to be very easy to use by for anyone, with various features such as bad peer blocklist, directory watch and web interface.

We tested Transmission on several platforms, including Lacrocivious and Linux and we noticed that CPU usage was less than other clients. Also, the memory footprint is lower than any Bit Torrent clients. Even the GTK+ interface was specifically designed for GNOME Human Interface Guidelines. It uses all enabled and supported desktop sounds, popup notifications and system tray.

Another great thing that we enjoy about Transmission is the fact that it uses all features available in Bit Torrent clients. While using it to download files we observed that it allows watching directories, edit trackers, exchange peers, giving access to DHT, encryption, DHT, web seed support, port forwarding, per-torrent and global speed limits.

This client also comes with multiple apps and utilities that users can take benefit of. It provides browser-based remote controls such as TR Web Control, Kettu and Shift, standalone remote controls as remote-gui or Transdroid, Transmission Indicator desktop remote control and many other apps depending on the device’s operating system. Furthermore, the resources that come with it are multiple. Some of these are 3rd party forums, remote control libraries, write-up of porting Transmission to Android and many others.

Its interface is very simple and easy to use. All open torrents appear in separate tabs and have large icons with the torrent title. You can even open each torrent in a separate window to see more information about the downloading progress, seeds, speed and many more. In addition, it automatically adapts to the operating system that you use, as we noticed during our tests. What we know for sure is the fact that anyone can control all active torrents, since the main buttons available are to pause, resume, open or remove torrents.

What is more, it is very simple to set up Transmission as you please. Under the Preferences menu users can set up limits for download and upload speed as well temporary speed limits. Users can also set up adding, downloading and seeding limits and can access many great features for Bit Torrent enthusiasts. Torrents can also be sorted depending on their status so that users can gain more knowledge about those seeding, paused, downloading, finished and active.

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Last versions of Transmission-Qt
Version Change log
Transmission-Qt 3.00 May 23, 2020 All Platforms:
Allow the RPC server to listen on an IPv6 address (#161)
Change TR_CURL_SSL_VERIFY to TR_CURL_SSL_NO_VERIFY and enable verification by default (#334)
Go back to using hash as base name for resume and torrent files (those stored in configuration directory) (#122)
Handle "fields" argument in "session-get" RPC request; if "fields" array is present in arguments, only return session fields specified; otherwise return all the fields as before
Limit the number of incorrect authentication attempts in embedded web server to 100 to prevent brute-force attacks (#371)
Set idle seed limit range to 1..40320 (4 weeks tops) in all clients (#212)
Add Peer ID for Xfplay, PicoTorrent, Free Download Manager, Folx, Baidu Netdisk torrent clients (#256, #285, #355, #363, #386)
Announce INT64_MAX as size left if the value is unknown (helps with e.g. Amazon S3 trackers) (#250)
Add TCP_FASTOPEN support (should result in slight speedup) (#184)
Improve ToS handling on IPv6 connections.
Transmission-Qt 2.94 May 1, 2018 All Platforms
Fix building against LibreSSL (#284, #486, #570)
Fix building against mbedTLS (#115, #528)
Fix torrents ETA calculation (#522)
Fix cross-compilation issues caused by miniupnpc configuration test (#475)
Qt Client
Fix bad downloaded percentage in DetailsDialog (#547)
Web Client
Fix tracker error XSS in inspector (CVE pending; found by Rory McNamara of Gotham Digital Science)
Fix torrent name HTML-escaping in trackers inspector tab
Transmission-Qt 2.92 May 10, 2016 All Platforms:
Fix to include Windows patches into source archive
Fix miniupnpc script to handle spaces and other special chars in paths
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