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The TreeVu is a freeware ActiveX Control Component made especially for the tree viewing and editing. By the help of the TreeVu ActiveX, you can control the following. Firstly, it creates completely new trees, and it defines the trees, the vertex and the values of the edge of the property. Secondly, it reads and modifies the property and the edge of the value of the trees. It applies a hierarchical, layout of the force-directed and the radial. It rotates 90 degrees to the right and complete 90 degrees to the left. It can be flipped anyhow, even horizontally, and you can flip it vertically. You can even save a tree on the disk in one of the files and then you can load it back on the screen. It also defines the custom context menus. It also defines the user-defined icons and the user system. The TreeVu ActiveX Control is distributed as a .msi file that requires the Microsoft Windows and the Installer. That also installs the TreeVu.ocx and the development license. The  C++ also includes the files in your choice of the directory. There are many websites that offer you the free TreeVu Active, and it also creates an easy application in the VB Express of the minutes.

These are some of the latest versions of the TreeVu ActiveX Control with the MS Access 2010, 2013 and 2007. You can also download the MS Access 2007. The TreeVu Active Control Interface includes the events, methods, and properties. It is a freeware ActiveX Control Component that is working with the trees. It also provides you methods for making buildings, displaying trees and manipulating things. It can create the edge properties; it can define the trees make in perfect and makes it vertex. You can add and delete the vertices and the edges. You can assign, read and modify the trees. It also defines the custom menus. These animations of the trees are used for many animations. These are also used for many animated movies. There are many types of diagrams that can show you how to sharpen the edges of the trees and make it. You can also flip the diagrams for a better look and if you want the same diagram but in a different side. It helps you to invent your own diagrams. There are many versions in the market that are coming out. Some of them are amazing and makes your animation of the trees look real. There are many companies that offer you with these versions for free. It gives the actual feel for you diagram. You can define the layout and increase in bigger in size. You can also modify the edges of the trees well and the properties. There are many online websites and companies that offer you even the latest version for  free, in order to make you know how good it is. They also help with the diagrams and the procedure, how making it. The internet is the place where you get all this information.

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