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Turbo.net used to be known as Spooncode or Xenocode in the past. It is a unique application designed for portability and visualization. If you are a fan of these concepts and applications then Turbo.net will be tailor made for you. Code systems, an IT firm based in Washington, designed this application in 2006 and then the software was named Xenocode.

Files, folders and data can be made to synchronize across devices through the use of the technology of virtualization which Turbo.net functions with. Turbo.net is unique in its design because the software can be launched right away from the web without the user having to first download and install the application on his computer. End users have expressed pleasure with this feature because it makes the software easier to use and time saving.

Turbo.net as an application that has the versatility of being able to work across chrome, VLC media, Skype and many other applications. Turbo.net works with open source applications but uses a small browser plug in to function.

Turbo.net helps the end user to be able to run multiple and varied versions of a browser on the same computer. This is good and certainly interesting. This works for Firefox, internet explorer, Google Chrome and many other such browsers. This is especially helpful for web designers as they can view how their pages load on different browsers and various versions of the same browser.

Turbo.net has a select number of apps it can work with. Some people complain that the software works only with free apps and free utilities but never with the commercial apps. This is a valid observation and the designers of turbo.net have to look into these complaints.

Turbo.net takes some time to synchronize with other devices which is a plus for it. Yet a well-known problem with Turbo.net is that it depends on having good internet connection and would function very poorly without this. Some people also complain that having a plug which is always working is not good for a computer and that they do not like it and it even slows down the speed at which the computer itself operates.

Turbo.net is a good website to visit and the fact that it is free to use also goes a long way to make it popular.

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Last versions of Turbo Client
Version Change log
Turbo Client 19.3.1946 Mar 26, 2019
Turbo Client 3.33.1538 Jun 7, 2017 Bug Fixes
This update includes fixes for the following issues:

The Turbo Client uninstall process does not terminate running containers, which may result files that are not removed.
Synchronization operations are killed during Turbo Client updates, resulting in download failed errors.
The turbo fork command can cause an invalid state when used with installed containers.
The turbo subscribe command incorrectly marks new applications as updated.
The turbo containers and netstat commands print mapped ports in reverse order.
The turbo rmi -f command may fail with an “illegal characters in path” error.
Thr turbo run --ad-group-deny command blocks users who are not in the denied group.
The Turbo Launcher may crash due to a null pointer exception if a user logs out while a container is running.
Uninstalling the Turbo Launcher may leave a dead shortcut in the Start Menu.
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