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Pascal is very good programming language because it uses true English characters instead of codes or ASCII characters. It was originally introduced as a formal language to teach algorithms but it also proved useful in computer operations and became familiar as a computer language. Its initial dialects were very hard to understand and these were soon developed and changed into sensible dialect.

The main strength of Pascal is that almost all the time is spent on its program instead of other variables. Therefore, the Pascal developers are relieved of learning other languages within this language. Pascal, as a language, has following pros. Pascal is very useful as it is an object oriented programming language and can be used in solution of many algebraic assignments. It is also good in safety than other languages. The user cannot add anything in it because its compiler detects errors.

It is also well structured than other languages and is easily comprehended due to not using any codes or ASCII commands. It is not affected by upper or lower case letters. The compiler does not give any error in the function defined in uppercase and used in lowercase letters. Because it uses real English characters, it can be spoken and written as well.

This language also has many drawbacks as well which limit its usage nowadays. The first main problem in its use is its popularity. It is gradually loosing popularity and will also loose library solution for different problems encountered in its usage. It is considered difficult than other languages as it uses many reserved words and these should have been written fully. While other modern languages use small characters and symbols which are usually short and easy to remember. It also limits the developers at certain points while developing various programs and there is rare possibility of availability of any solution.

But in spite of all its disadvantages, it is still recommended language for the beginners. After achieving expertise in this language, a programmer can go for learning other languages. It has the capability of compiling programs very quickly. After the development of Borland Pascal in 1992, its power has really increased. It can be obtained freely or in a very little cost.

A very serious issue is its compatibility with latest version of windows. However, a user can use it easily with older operating systems. 

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