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The Ultimate Boot CD is a freeware application like all other programs on this site but this one can be used for four specific purposes. At first, you can use it to make your CDROM drive functional for the floppy based diagnostic tools. You can use it if your floppy drive is very slow in detecting or reading executable programs and commands. Ultimate Boot CD can give you the pleasure of combining multiple disc diagnosing tools into one bootable CD. You can run the sleek program from your USB stick as well.

One should have the tool to resize his partitions. Ultimate Boot CD can also be used in recovering partitions as it will access the file systems in the NTFS. With this tool you actually ensure the running of a bootable CD and once the CD boots, you can manually select your program to run on your computer.

Ultimate Boot CD offers users a different data backup and restoration function as it solely works in making your bootable programs to boot through the use of this program. Try it if your CD or floppy drive is not supporting your bootable disk.

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Ultimate Boot CD
Version Change log
Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.7 Feb 9, 2017 FDUBCD: UBCD FreeDOS version updated to V1.53.
FDUBCD: Updated FreeDOS kernel version to 2042. Also updated HIMEMX.EXE, JEMM386.EXE and MEM.EXE from FreeDOS 1.2.
Updated Darik's Boot and Nuke to 2.3.0.
Updated Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS to V5.27.
Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.6 Feb 9, 2017 Updated f-prot.sh script as the parsing of database path has changed. Thanks to pixming for the update.
Updated ASTRA to V6.40. Thanks to ady for the update.
Updated Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS to V5.25. Thanks to soeren for the update.
Added Q&D Unit Clone V1.1p. Thanks to author for his suggestion via email.
Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.5 May 27, 2015 I made an unfortunate mistake in V5.3.4 whereby both ASTRA and INTELPIU within DOSAPPS/FDUBCD were not updated as they should be. Both apps have been properly updated in this release. Thanks to ady for pointing out the error to me in a PM.
Updated Intel Processor Identification Utility to V5.10. Thanks to ady for the update.
Added Partition Explorer V1.01. Thanks to ady for the suggestion.
Updated Partition Saving to V4.20. Thanks to ady for the update.
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