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Subjunk’s Universal Media Server is a media server to ensure the best entertainment and multimedia experience for the users. As a media server it remains compatible with all platforms. And it supports all the devices, namely; Xtreamer, showtime, Philips PFL, Google Android, Boxee, Vizio, Sony TV, and so on. As a media server it provides support for both the media content and the players and plays key role in improvising the output quality for better user engagement.

As a DLNA compliant media server the Universal Media Server (UMS) provides support for all OSs’ and can stream and transcode media file system extension without little technical knowhow. The media server is packed with little powerful component like MEncoder, FFmpeg, AviSynth, MediaInfo, etc.

The Universal Media Server can maintain the audio and video quality without any issue. Its transcoding and transcoded files remain compatible with targeted program and environment. Users can quickly browse through the media library and add, edit, remove subtitles to the files. Even when a device does not recognize the subtitling system the UMS can make it to realize the same by adding the subtitle in the video stream.

The Universal Media Service supports DTS for downmixing any format. It goes well with H.264 transcoding and delivers better result for even the MPEG2. The media server appears as a good solution for use in wireless environment. The UMS can give new meaning to video or audio content with the frame interpolation based True Motion system. It actually aims in adding frames to better the output quality of video and audio content. Thus it combines the InterFrame with AviSynth to amaze the users.

The Universal Media Server has some intelligent features like the Overscan compensation, automated plugin download & installation. It remains flexible with file creation on Xbox and PS3 gaming consoles. It remains compatible with AviSynth and iTunes.

The UMS app has rendered search capability and bandwidth setting customization options. With DVD support, archive support, 3D SBS video support and high quality thumbnails for video content the Universal Media Server is the best tool to own.

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Universal Media Server
Version Change log
Universal Media Server 9.4.3 May 10, 2020 General:
Added support for streaming and transcoding from AV1 video codec
Added quickrun commands to aid rapid development
Memory use improvements on macOS
Transcoding compatibility fixes
Fixed support for transcoding videos with no audio
Improved support for LG OLED TVs
Improved support for Panasonic VT60 TVs
Improved support for Sony AG-series TVs
Improved support for Sony X-series TVs
Translation updates via Crowdin:
Serbian (87%)
Turkish (100%)
Updated assertj to 3.16.0
Updated doxia-module-docbook-simple to 1.9.1
Updated FFmpeg on macOS to 20200504 (5767a2e) to support more media formats
Updated git-commit-id-plugin to 4.0.0
Updated h2database to 1.4.199
Updated icu4j to 67.1
Updated jaxb-impl to 2.3.3
Updated JMustache to 1.15
Updated JNA to 5.5.0
Updated junit5 to 5.6.2
Updated maven-antrun-plugin to 3.0.0
Updated maven-assembly-plugin to 3.3.0
Updated maven-checkstyle-plugin to 3.1.0
Updated maven-compiler-plugin to 3.8.1
Updated maven-pmd-plugin to 3.1
Universal Media Server 9.4.2 Apr 21, 2020 General:
Improved detection of M4V and MP4 files
Improved automated regression tests for media format detection
Improved detection of incomplete binaries
Fixed Linux failing to use bundled FFmpeg (thanks, snicket2100!)
Fixed support for custom server names with special characters (thanks, snicket2100!)
Improved support for H.264 videos on VLC for iOS
Translation updates via Crowdin:
Bulgarian (96%)
Finnish (100%)
French (100%)
Hungarian (84%)
Romanian (100%)
Slovak (100%)
Updated Chromecast api-v2 to 0.11.3
Fixed broken FFmpeg binary on Linux x86
Updated Google Gson to 2.8.6
Updated Google Guava to 29.0
Updated h2database to 1.4.200
Updated Java Runtime Environment to 1.8.251
Windows has limited support from XP onwards, but full support is for Windows 7 onwards
MacOS 10.10+ is fully supported
Universal Media Server 9.4.1 Apr 8, 2020 Changes since 9.4.0:
Translation updates via Crowdin:
Bulgarian (93%)
Czech (100%)
Danish (99%)
Finnish (99%)
French (99%)
Hebrew (21%)
Italian (100%)
Polish (99%)
Portuguese (99%)
Portuguese (Brazilian) (99%)
Spanish (100%)
Swedish (100%)
Ukrainian (23%)
Updated FFmpeg on macOS to fix a startup bug
Updated JUnit5 to 5.6.1
Updated Maven Javadoc plugin to 3.2.0
Updated Maven Assembly plugin to 3.2.0
The Windows releases work on Windows Vista onwards.
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