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This is an application which functions in virtualization in a computer. VirtualBox was designed by Oracle and it works very fine. It is actually free to download without any cost to the person downloading. It does have quite a number of pros and cons according to reviews about this software.

VirtualBox works on both Linux and Windows operating systems. As a result, a number of people which can use the software is increased. A disadvantage of VirtualBox is that the software cannot allow the user to print it straight from the printer of its host computer.

Some of the issues why people might not be too sold on VirtualBox are that some manual integration which the commercial virtualization apps do for you have to be done manually by you when you make use of VirtualBox.

VirtualBox has a website which proffers a lot of solutions for you and even suggestion when it comes to debugging and other problems which you may have while trying to install the VirtualBox.

Another problem which may arise from the use of VirtualBox is that unlike its commercial counterparts, there are quite a number of functions which have to be done manually by the person using the application. The automation which is done for you by the software is limited and not as much as the commercial apps do for you.

VirtualBox also supports quite a number of operating systems with the work which it does and these operating systems include QNX of BlackBerry, windows, Oracle Solaris, Linus and BSD.  VirtualBox  can very fast when starting it and it does not clog the system or make the system function slowly.

VirtualBox is highly customizable and you can tweak it to function the way you like. It is also easy for a user to find his way around the system and works optimally with it. VirtualBox does allow you to have fine control over the whole application. VirtualBox  does the job although it might not look pretty on the eyes or have many annoying pop ups and plug-ins. VirtualBox functions well as a virtualization software and it is good because above all it is free and gets the job done.

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Last versions of VirtualBox
Version Change log
VirtualBox 5.2.12 r1225 May 11, 2018 Serial: fixed possible data corruption when sending data under certain circumstances
Video recording: fixed starting / stopping recording under certain circumstances
Linux hosts: support Linux 4.17 changes. Thank you Larry Finger
Linux guests: support Linux 4.16 and EL 7.5 kernels (bugs #17676 and #17678)
VirtualBox 5.2.8r121009 Feb 28, 2018 The following items were fixed and/or added:
GUI: fixed occasional screen corruption when host screen resolutio n is changed
User interface: increase proposed disk size when creating new VMs for Windows 7 and newer
User interface: various improvements for high resolution screens
VirtualBox 5.1.30 r1183 Oct 17, 2017 The following items were fixed and/or added:
GUI: translation updates
Solaris hosts: allow increasing MTU size for host-only adapter to 9706 bytes to support jumbo frames
Windows Additions: 3D related crash fix (bugs #17082, #17092)
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5.2.12 r122591

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