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Even though it does not measure in the same line as powerful editing tools such Adobe Premiere, VirtualDub is undeniably a good video capturing and processing application. Its speed in linear operations makes it among the easiest to adopt to applications. It is freely available for both 32 and 64 bit Windows architectures.

With its free price tag, it holds a lot of potential without compromising the quality of the output. It can handle most multiple tasks that are normally handled separately by other apps. It bestows a lot of functionalities to the users. These include cutting scenes, merging videos, converting scenes and application of various effects with lots of ease.

VirtualDub comes with quite a lot of features, making it one of the richest video processing apps. A number of the main features are fractional frames rates, real time downsizing, creating openDML files, optimizing disk access, integrating volume meter, filed swapping, verbose monitoring and noise reduction.

Basically, VirtualDub isn’t a nonlinear video editing tool. However its ability to carry out duties of professional tools such as Adobe Premiere makes it one of the strongest free apps for video processing. It is purposely built for processing the AVI file formats, but can as well effectively handle BMP images. It can also read MPEG1 files.

When it comes to user experience, it is among the easiest to use and beginners will find it quite user friendly. At the first glance, the UI seems somewhat awkward but becomes easily understandable with little practice. All its functionalities have been put in menus. There are also keyboard shortcuts for ease of performing the basics.

For a freeware, VirtualDub’s functionalities exceed its price tag expectation. With this app, one can compress as well as convert video and audio files. It also supports video capturing, editing, filtering and rendering. Under the edit menu, basic tasks such as copy, cut, paste and delete can be found. Using selection start and the end features, these functionalities can be made to effectively work on any frame level.  As for go menu, it enables user to find the most ideal frame.

There are also VFD drivers capture features. These drivers are located in the AVI2 files which are created when videos are captured using TV tuners or other external devices. VirtualDub can as well allow removal of audio tracks without compromising video.  VirtualDub is a rich video editing software with plenty of features that can be fully explored with ease.

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VirtualDub (x64 bit) 1.10.4 May 30, 2017 Features added:
ExtEnc: Added %(outputbasename) to insert output filename without
ExtEnc: Editor UI now has a drop-down for tokens.
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