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Visual Studio Code is a frequently used source code editing tool that was developed and launched by Microsoft for different platforms and operating systems, like Android, Mac, and Windows. Microsoft introduced this specific source code editor for debugging. Later on, it became popular when the developers loaded some additional functions and plug-ins for supporting the software development companies and programmers.

Visual Studio Code can help in debugging, code refactoring, syntax highlighting, embedded Git control, intelligent code completion, snippets and other similar tasks. It is a completely customizable program for the developers and they can change the background, keyboard shortcuts, and the preferences. Further, Visual Studio Code is completely based on the electrons that run and manage the software for the source code editing process. There are endless uses and goals to use this program in software development, code decoding and encoding, programming, and app code development.

Visual Studio Code is compatible with different programming languages and scripts. The developers can use this program on different devices with various operating systems which it usually supports. There are some potential uses and the features of Visual Studio Code which the most developers and users do not consider important or they ignore such features. In general, when you are going to use this source code editing tool, you must be aware of different things that can affect your using.

Visual Studio Code is also responsible for accessing, collecting, refining and sending data to Microsoft. However, Microsoft is legally bound to share the data with affiliates and subsidiaries that work under the law. If you do not want to use this application in Visual Studio Code, you can switch off or deactivate the data collection and sending feature for your convenience.

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Last versions of Visual Studio Code
Version Change log
Visual Studio Code 1.48.2 Aug 26, 2020 Issues fixed:
avoid lookups to for invalid package names bug json perf verified
July 2020 Recovery 2 Endgame endgame-plan
Client should retry the request when receiving 409 settings-sync verified
Unable to open editor: Unexpected token JSON at position x. bug candidate workbench-state
Visual Studio Code 1.45.0 Apr 17, 2020 Accessibility improvements - Focus commands to navigate the workbench, status bar accessibility.
Switch editor tabs via mouse wheel - Quickly switch files in the editor using your mouse wheel.
Faster syntax highlighting - Programming language colorization is up to 3 times faster.
Custom semantic colors - Change semantic token colors through your user settings.
Visual Studio Code 1.44.2 Apr 17, 2020 The update addresses these issues:
Show notification when extensionHostProcess.js is missing on disk
Can't search in workspace that includes folder using a FileSystemProvider
Git on network drive broken after upgrade to 1.44.0
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