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Anyone can use a full customizable web browser, arranging even the tab bar positioning. Vivaldi is a free browser for Windows, Mac and Linux devices with multiple options of design. Users can experience fast browsing and quick commands, using custom search engines, tab layout and an attractive visual design.

What we like the most about Vivaldi is the fact that you can choose where you want tabs to be positioned. Users can quickly navigate through the open tabs and stack them in a grid or side-by-side. In addition, the tab bar can be expanded to see a review of the open website; you can even save the search session and open it anytime. In addition, the Trash Can feature can restore the tabs you recently closed or the pop-ups that you blocked.

Vivaldi enables faster navigation using quick commands, speed dial tabs and folders and you can even rewind functions. Another amazing feature is that you can jump to the next page in a sequence when searching more results, in order to access all of them using the Fast Forward feature.

The Smarter Browsing option enables amazing access for users. You can take notes and link them to any website, enabling faster access to the information you want. In addition, you can add a search box and a search field from any custom search engine. With the web panels you can see all open websites in the side panel, which is a great feature when using social media or when reading the news. Also, the side panel increases access to favorite bookmarks, notes and even downloads.

The Visual settings are the things that make Vivaldi special and unique. Users can change the speed dial background and the interface color for each web page and change the UI color with a single click. In addition, users may zoon in or out the contents of an open website and can adapt the text size according to their needs. Also, using the keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures will bring even better browsing experience, since all actions can perform faster.

Bookmarks are also customizable with Vivaldi. During our tests we were able to assign nicknames to our bookmarks, in order to get fast access anytime. The bookmarks bar enables easy access to your favorite websites anytime, regardless of the website that you currently view.

Overall, the Vivaldi layout is very simple to use and very user-friendly, even though it contains many complex features. It can provide a very good experience when going online, since users can personalize their web browser in just a few minutes.

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Last versions of Vivaldi
Version Change log
Vivaldi 1.13.1008.40 Dec 22, 2017 [Regression][Mac] Make sure menu quit is handled the same as ?Q (VB-35776)
[Regression][Windows] Proper shutdown not happening when using menu Exit (VB-34520)
[Regression][Dev Tools] Vivaldi is not fully closed after inspecting (VB-35671)
[Regression][Dev Tools][Mac] Vivaldi does not get closed when dev tools are running on a separate window (VB-35700)
Vivaldi 1.13.1008.36 Dec 13, 2017 [Linux] Crash on closing native windows VB-35340
[Regression] Search engine dropdown and address bar search stop responding when the language is changed VB-35002
Updated translations
Chromium security fixes
Vivaldi 1.13.1008.34 Dec 11, 2017 [Regression][Linux] Crash on closing native windows (VB-35340)
[Regression][Linux] Unable to add Vivaldi Snapshot to favorites GNOME (VB-34537)
[Regression][Mac] Only the user who has installed Vivaldi in Applications has the permission to launch it (VB-35083)
[Regression] Enter does not work on Address Bar when Address Auto-Complete is disabled (VB-34967)
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