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VPNBook is a free VPN service which is based on encrypted connections. These connections work as IP addresses and provide very fast speed than many paid services. These crypto techniques keep the user safe from the bad eyes of hackers. The set up and sign up process of this software is quite easy. There is a predefined username and also password which used to change from time to time. There is no fees of this program and, therefore, accepts adds and donations.

It is also compatible with almost all OS’s and devices. There are two servers of this VPN service based in Romania, Europe. In 2013, it had added two more servers of which one is in UK and the other is in USA. A very important thing is the speed of this network. It has been observed that its speed is about 20-50Mbit for downloading and 7Mbit for uploading. It is the speed at which a user can watch live channels with HD streaming.

The configuration of VPN is also quite easy. You can use either regular PPTP or Open VPN. There is no need of any registration and license. If it is configured through Open VPM, it is safer to browse the internet at a considerable speed.

There are many pros and cons of using VPN book. The pros are that it is a little software and does not need any extra effort to install. Performance wise it is the best of all the services. Some users even say that instead of paying lot for purchased services, you can get the same speed for free. Next pros are its support for PPTP. This support for PPTP shows that it is quite compatible with almost all the Operating Systems. It can be used with MAC OS, Android OS, and Windows OS.

There are also some drawbacks found in its use. Although these are not of much importance, yet a user should know these drawbacks also. The first is that the developers have not given any information about what type of encryption this program needs. Moreover, this program is not geographically diverse enough to encourage its usage. The servers are located only in some selected regions. Therefore, there may be a speed issue in some parts of the world. And finally, the installation process is not as easy as is considered. There are many extra steps required to install this program.

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