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Waterfox is a browser project built on Mozilla’s free browsing platform, specifically designed to fit 64-bit operating system. It ensures to provide high speed when web browsing, being oriented towards the user itself. Even though it is an unofficial version of Firefox, its 64-bit option shows that online browsing can be both fast and interactive to any operating system.

We tested the browser compared to the basic Firefox on a Windows 64-bit operating system. HTML5 apps and videos operate decently, considering the fact that it lacks of H.264 support. Its design is pretty simple and basic, mostly using the Firefox interface and tools. Its tab-based interface also provides access to multiple tabs usage, while preserving data resources.

One feature that Waterfox uses is the option to customize the browser interface with tabs and bookmarks, so that favorite content can be immediately available. Users can also group tabs that are similar, creating a very good organized working space. In addition, the 64-bit browser comes with a spell checking feature and a pop-up blocker. Your operating system is a lot more protected against malware and viruses, ensuring full privacy and safety measures.

Private browsing is also available using the anonymous navigation feature, which uses proxy connections to ensure that history and search results are cleaned anytime the browser is offline. In addition, with the password manager and cache management feature users can rest assured that their personal information is safe and secure.

The main purpose of the Waterfox browser is to ensure high speeds for computers using a 64-bit Windows. It features a built-in 64-bit support, no adobe DRM, it can run any 64-bitplugin and add-on, while it doesn’t collect any sort of personal data or location. What is more, its support team constantly works on fixing any issues after each update. However, search results and history will be deleted when updating the browser, but this will be fixed soon.

Alex Kontos managed to build an easy web browser in 2011, oriented towards users and browsing speed, quickly gaining positive recognition.  In addition to its online features, Waterfox also partners with the Ecosia search engine, which promotes a green and healthy environment. Users may run any type of plugin since it doesn’t come with a whitelist. Programmers and power users of the internet will definitely enjoy using Waterfox.

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Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10 x64

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Last versions of Waterfox
Version Change log
Waterfox G3.0.2 Dec 17, 2020 Fixes:
Fixed an issue where Waterfox on Windows had -APPVERSION appended to its processes.
Fixed an issue where only the Flash NPAPI could be used. (Thanks to @neutrino38)
Fixed some issues with irregularities in the new Abyss/Floe themes.
Fixed colour issues on some text on Linux.
Added support for Unity/Global menu on Linux.
macOS builds are now built with the 11.1 SDK.
Network predictions are now disabled.
Simplified page print checkbox is now available when printing.
Disabled all connections to firefox.settings.services.mozilla.com. If this causes issues with web features, this may need to be investigated further.
Updated to Gecko 78.6.
You can now see which git commit was used for your build of Waterfox. You can view this information by accessing about:buildconfig in the address bar.
Waterfox 2020.08 Aug 26, 2020 Current:
Security updates
Added support for ResizeObserver
Minimum requriements for macOS are now 10.10
Updated Network Security Services
Set maximum supported TLS version to 1.3 and minimum to 1.2
Updated SQLite library
Improved <table> support
Latest security advisories patched (best effort)
Waterfox 2020.06 Jun 3, 2020 Latest security advisories from Mozilla for both channels.
Latest security advisories patched
Fixed problems with overlay extensions
Ability to import profile data from Classic (File > Import from another Browser)
Latest security advisories patched (best effort)*
Various website compatibilty changes (Thanks to hawkeye116477)
JavaScript globalThis implemented
Fix for WebAudio
Partial Shadow DOM v1 support (experimental)
Fix for some crashes
Note: Aware of issues with some websites such as Netflix! It is being investigated.
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