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Weka x64 freeware

Weka x64

Version: 3.8.5 | Size: 124.00 MB
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Weka x64 is a software developed by students at the University of Waikato which is currently being operated by many institutes for use in data analysis and research projects. It uses a machine learning algorithm to study given data with extremely accurate results. It does this by utilizing a data reprocessing regression and classification system to deliver precise findings to the user at incredibly high speeds. Weka also comes with an easy to use graphical interface which allows every user the ability to enjoy this software without any of the headaches that come with operating others of its kind. It’s everything researchers have dreamed of for years before its creation finally come true.

Installing this software is fairly simple, just plug it into your own personally written program or have it be called in through the use of Java code. Another great aspect to Weka is the fact that it is rather portable due to its nature of being completely written in JavaScript, meaning that it can be transferred and operated on most computers fairly easily and quickly. Its straightforward structure and design has made it a favorite for a majority of leading universities around the world in conducting world class research and discovering new knowledge in millions of patterns of data which previously  took years for scientists to unearth, now only finished in a matter of seconds with almost zero costs.

Weka is often used in the field of data mining as well as allowing users the ability to develop their own machine learning schemes for specific tasks. It also comes equipped with deeplearning4j, which is a class of machine learning capabilities that analyzes data and computes results that match those of human experts in their respective fields. These features make the software ideal for use in research for a variety of scientific and engineering fields that are constantly adapting and changing to meet the growing demands of the general public.

Lastly, the most important aspect about Weka is that it is free despite how valuable it has become in conducting prominent scientific studies as of late. Most professionals would agree that this software has made their work easier, more affordable and faster than ever before thanks to its ingenious design. Weka has paved the way towards molding innovative and creative means of using computer software to further accelerate the growth of deep exploration within the fields of science and engineering.

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Version Change log
Weka x64 3.8.5 Dec 21, 2020
Weka x64 3.8.3 Sep 4, 2018
Weka x64 3.9.3 Sep 4, 2018 Fixed: server-side conditions involving User columns
Fixed: error handling in Fragments presentation
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