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Xeoma is video surveillance software that provides surveillance solutions. This program is rich in features and aims to make work easy for the user. It is flexible and versatile, making sure that users get the most benefits. One of the most outstanding features is its versatility and compatibility. This software is compatible with virtually any camera. It supports IP, ONVIF, USB webcams, MPEG4, MJPEG, PTZ and WiFI. Xeoma turns any computer and camera into a fully-fledged surveillance system. Another great feature with this software is the advanced false alarm logic. It can certainly be annoying to have false alarms all the time. This is why with Xeoma, users need not worry about false alarms because it has an intellectual motion detector. This helps reduce and prevent cases of false alarms.

In connection to notifications, Xeoma has an interactive SMS and email service, where the user gets updates of the surveillance system activities. The snapshots captures also keep the user on check at all times. These snapshot captures, help in knowing what is happening in every situation. The hidden mode function helps a user maintain secrecy and helps know what is happening everywhere. This feature rather gives an omnipresence feeling.  Speaking of omnipresence, a user can concurrently connect up to 5000 cameras on one computer. This gives a user a powerful opportunity to view exactly what is happening in every corner. In addition, it is possible to name each camera and give it a designation.

Surveillance systems are sensitive in nature. This is why Xeoma gives users the opportunity to have shared access rights, password protection and encryption features. These help keep out unwanted persons and from interfering with the system. Immediately after installing this software from the internet, this software is ready for use. Since this tool has professional coding and brilliant features, the assumption may be that it requires a lot of work and technical knowledge. The surprising thing is that Xeoma does not require any programming skills. Once the software and cameras are present, the software detects and automatically configures everything.

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Version Change log
Xeoma 19.2.11 Jun 19, 2018 Extra module: Added new module “FaceID”. This module recognizes human faces in camera image and compares them to faces from database (a remote LDAP database or a database stored on the same machine). This module only works if connected after the QR Code Recognition or Smart
Card Reader modules. QR Code Reader or Smart Card Reader get information about person’s ID and send this meta data to FaceID that searches the database for the person’s face with this information. It can be used in complex access control systems in restricted entry enterprises, in university campuses, in private residences, wherever greater level of security and identity verification of a pass holder is required. This module is purchased separately and activated over the Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro licenses. Available for testing in a trial version of Xeoma for 1 hour, after that reconfiguration is required.
Extra module: Added new module “QR Code recognition”. The QR Code Recognition module is a filter module that
Xeoma 18.11.21 Jun 19, 2018 Added a new “Object Recognizer” module. The module can automatically classify objects in the camera field of view (person, car, animal, bird, motorcycle, etc.) and respond – or ignore – to selected types of objects. “Object Recognizer” is ideal in environments where there is movement expected in the field of view, and you need the system to respond (or not respond) only to a certain type of object. The module is available for testing only in the trial version of the program.
Added a new “Face Detector (Emotions)” module. The module can automatically recognize human emotions (happiness, fear, neutrality, sadness, etc.) in faces appearing in the camera frame, and display them on the screen, save to a spreadsheet report or send to a third-party program for processing. It can also be used as an alternative to the current Face Detector for detection of faces (but not recognition), or in conjunction with it, for example, to determine the emotions only of known or unknown persons. The module
Xeoma 18.6.14 Jun 19, 2018 Switched format for archive recordings made with direct saving to the archive without decoding from MP4 to MKV. It will reduce the processor load (thanks to no need to decode the sound stream in this case), but also increase the audio quality to the camera’s original quality;
Fixed start of new day for continuous recording in .xem archives;
Eliminated issue with HTTP Receiver continuing to work even when turned off;
Fixed crashes caused by use of some intellectual modules.
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