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As per the developers of the YS Flight Simulator, they had a great plan of realising the minor or the so called debug version sometime in the end of the year. And shocking is that time does flies. The developing team does accept the fact that they took a great amount of time in developing the Polygon Crest and spend less time in the YSFLIGHT.

The biggest change is that it has got the advantages and features of the Vertex Buffer oriented objects of the OpenGL ES2. So, the question that most people keep asking is how come the OpenGL 2.0 is a great choice. Frankly, the YSFLIGHT on the OpenGL 2.0 works quite faster when it is compatible on the Direct 3D9. In addition, it gives a great amount of boost to the YSFLIGHT with regard to the Mac OS X.

Also in this version, the developers have added a great amount of ground textures as the previous CPU-Rendered version is terminated. Just like how the demonstration of the F-22 in various airshows is quite awesome, the same can be said about the YSFLIGHT. In order for it to happen, the post stall work procedure needs to be enabled in the YSFLIGHT.

So, in case if you are a great fan of the F-22 Demonstration at airshows, then the YS Flight Simulator can be noting but impressive. For it to happen, the post stalled tactics of the YSFLIGHT need to be enabled. Basically, using this tool, you can smoothly make transition from the normal to the post stall maneuver. Smooth transition has been one of the major problems in most of the flight stimulator and just look at how the F-18 high alpha moves and how much smooth its maneuver is. There is a more realistic approach in adding a realistic propeller in it.

To get your engine to be a more realistic, you need to have a new realistic propeller. Most of the time, the realistic propeller simulation is often tested on the P-51 Mustang and Piper Archer. The next version of the YS Flight Simulator consist of the .DAT file  which can easily pick current or simplified propeller simulator and the realistic propeller simulator.

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