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Freeware - Irfan View 4.54 screenshot

Irfan View

IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE

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Freeware - Maxthon screenshot


Maxthon Browser provides a rich feature set to improve your surfing experience

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Freeware - 3DP Chip 20.01 screenshot

3DP Chip

Every hardware device needs its driver to work properly. Usually, manufacturers make it available to you ...

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Freeware - TNTatlas 2020 B20200122 screenshot


The TNTatlas is one of the best and powerful geodata viewers which is free and allows ...

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Freeware - Screenshot Captor 4.36.1 screenshot

Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor also offers basic features and the typical screen shot this will help to take ...

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Freeware - HoneyView 5.32 B5292 screenshot


HoneyView is a multi-format, high-performance image viewer that also recognizes EXIF and GPS information from photos ...

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Freeware - Calibre 4.9 screenshot


Calibre is the open source type eBook software and the application is used for the managing ...

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Freeware - Legacy Family Tree screenshot

Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree is an all-inclusive family history and genealogy software. This software mostly helps historians ...

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Freeware - VueMinder Lite 2020.01 screenshot

VueMinder Lite

VueSoft’s VueMinder Lite is a windows desktop based calendar application to keep users appointment schedules, tasks ...

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Freeware - doPDF 10.6.122 screenshot


As the word suggestion, doPDF is used to create free PDF. Now the word PDF means ...

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Freeware - Trend Micro Virus Pattern File 15.635.00 screenshot

Trend Micro Virus Pattern File

Features Trend Micro Virus Pattern comes in different pattern files. Each of these updated file pattern ...

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Freeware - TweakPower 1.084 screenshot


TweakPower - software with a built-in set of useful tools to regulate system performance. The software ...

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ApkInstaller for PC 5.3

"it is the best app"

it is very useful for installing apk
bharath, Jul 14, 2018
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Freemake Video Converter

"Freemake video converter"

Freemake marketing tricks as it can be, asking for money to remove watermarks and everything, whats the use of making it free, just making fool out of people and wasting valuable time. I'd recommend Acethinker Video Converter which I have used for many years. It's a free web-based application to convert videos, you don't have to install anything.
Matthews Michelle, May 31, 2017
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Irfan View

IrfanView is widely known and popular image viewer and editing tool that works on Windows operating systems only. It ...

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