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Freeware - Free Virtual Girl 2019.6.9 screenshot

Free Virtual Girl

Free Virtual Girl download presents the hottest,wildest babes on your PC desktop

Free Virtual Girl 2019.6.9 DownloadFree Virtual Girl like
Freeware - Active Dancer 1.2.240 screenshot

Active Dancer

Active Dancer is a free software featuring dancers and strippers on your desktop

Active Dancer 1.2.240 DownloadActive Dancer like
Freeware - ApkInstaller for PC 4.7 screenshot

ApkInstaller for PC

Help you install Android apps from windows the easy way

ApkInstaller for PC 4.7 DownloadApkInstaller for PC like
Freeware - SmarThru 4.04 screenshot


Provides a comprehensive set of tools for multifunctional printers

SmarThru 4.04 DownloadSmarThru like
Freeware - PyScripter x64 3.6.2 screenshot

PyScripter x64

An open-source Python Integrated Development Environment

PyScripter x64 3.6.2 DownloadPyScripter x64 like
Freeware - Maxthon screenshot


Maxthon Browser provides a rich feature set to improve your surfing experience

Maxthon DownloadMaxthon like
Freeware - FireFTP 2.0.32 screenshot


FireFTP is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox

FireFTP 2.0.32 DownloadFireFTP like
Freeware - LibreOffice 6.3.3 screenshot


A free, Open Source alternative to Microsoft Office

LibreOffice 6.3.3 DownloadLibreOffice like
Freeware - MailList Controller Free 12.8 screenshot

MailList Controller Free

Email Newsletter and Email Marketing Software for Windows

MailList Controller Free 12.8 DownloadMailList Controller Free like
Freeware - LibreOffice x64 6.3.3 screenshot

LibreOffice x64

A free, Open Source alternative to Microsoft Office

LibreOffice x64 6.3.3 DownloadLibreOffice x64 like
Freeware - Abyssal Metal Player screenshot

Abyssal Metal Player

Get a media player which supports different file formats.

Abyssal Metal Player DownloadAbyssal Metal Player like
Freeware - BS.Player 2.74 B1085 screenshot


The best multimedia player (DivX, HD, AVC video, movie, audio, DVD) in the world

BS.Player 2.74 B1085 DownloadBS.Player like
Freeware - Ashampoo® Office Free 2018 Rev 963.04 screenshot

Ashampoo® Office Free

An office suite with sufficient options to aid you in creating text documents

Ashampoo® Office Free 2018 Rev 963.04 DownloadAshampoo® Office Free like
Freeware - Skype screenshot


Bundled with support for file transfers, screen sharing

Skype DownloadSkype like
Freeware - ICQ 10.0 B38545 screenshot


Free Calls and Messages, Talk, chat, send files and share location from any PC

ICQ 10.0 B38545 DownloadICQ like
Freeware - Teamspeak 3.1.8 screenshot


Enables people to speak with one another over the Internet

Teamspeak 3.1.8 DownloadTeamspeak like
Freeware - Google Translate Client 6.2.620 screenshot

Google Translate Client

Google Translate is the most widely used free translation service

Google Translate Client 6.2.620 DownloadGoogle Translate Client like
Freeware - GIMP for Windows 2.10.14 screenshot

GIMP for Windows

The Gimp is the open source reference in image manipulation

GIMP for Windows 2.10.14 DownloadGIMP for Windows like
Freeware - BitTorrent 7.10.5 B45404 screenshot


BitTorrent is the global standard for accessing rich media over the Internet

BitTorrent 7.10.5 B45404 DownloadBitTorrent like
Freeware - FileZilla 3.46.0 screenshot


Features support for various protocols, such as FTP, FTPS

FileZilla 3.46.0 DownloadFileZilla like
Freeware - RegSeeker 4.00 screenshot


RegSeeker is a perfect companion for your Windows registry

RegSeeker 4.00 DownloadRegSeeker like
Freeware - Iperius Backup 5.0.2 screenshot

Iperius Backup

Hyper-V and ESXi Free backup software + Database, Google Drive, FTP, Cloud

Iperius Backup 5.0.2 DownloadIperius Backup like
Freeware - WPS Office 2016 Free Edition screenshot

WPS Office 2016 Free Edition

World's most advanced free office suite for Windows PC

WPS Office 2016 Free Edition DownloadWPS Office 2016 Free Edition like
Freeware - qBittorrent 4.2.0 screenshot


A Bittorrent client using C++ / libtorrent and a Qt4 Graphical User Interface

qBittorrent 4.2.0 DownloadqBittorrent like
Freeware - Media Creation Tool x64 10.0.18362.418 screenshot

Media Creation Tool x64

Enables you to create an installation media for Windows 10

Media Creation Tool x64 10.0.18362.418 DownloadMedia Creation Tool x64 like
Freeware - Android SDK Release 26.1.1 screenshot

Android SDK

Develop applications for Android

Android SDK Release 26.1.1 DownloadAndroid SDK like
Freeware - The Incredible Machine  screenshot

The Incredible Machine

Use physics and imagination to complete your tasks

The Incredible Machine  DownloadThe Incredible Machine like
Freeware - VPNBook  screenshot


Built for perfomance with strongest encryption

VPNBook  DownloadVPNBook like
Freeware - Viber screenshot


Send free messages as well as make free calls to other Viber users

Viber DownloadViber like
Freeware - ImgBurn screenshot


Burn files to CDs and DVDs, create images, and more

ImgBurn DownloadImgBurn like
Freeware - PitchPerfect Free Guitar Tuner 2.12 screenshot

PitchPerfect Free Guitar Tuner

Tune your guitar strings quickly and easily to any note you want.

PitchPerfect Free Guitar Tuner 2.12 DownloadPitchPerfect Free Guitar Tuner like
Freeware - Easy Music Composer 9.97 screenshot

Easy Music Composer

Easy Music Composer Free is a automatic composer.

Easy Music Composer 9.97 DownloadEasy Music Composer like
Freeware - EditPad Lite 7.0.7 screenshot

EditPad Lite

A convenient, carefully designed text editor and Notepad replacement

EditPad Lite 7.0.7 DownloadEditPad Lite like
Freeware - Free Mailing List Manager 5.75 screenshot

Free Mailing List Manager

Free List Manager, merge smaller email lists into one big list.

Free Mailing List Manager 5.75 DownloadFree Mailing List Manager like
Freeware - Precision Helper 2.0 screenshot

Precision Helper

Feature rich help authoring tool, that works natively with Microsoft HHP format

Precision Helper 2.0 DownloadPrecision Helper like
Freeware - Advanced Trigonometry Calculator 2.0.5 screenshot

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator

A tool to help you with trigonometry calculations

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator 2.0.5 DownloadAdvanced Trigonometry Calculator like
Freeware - Free Google Translate Desktop 2.1.92 screenshot

Free Google Translate Desktop

Free desktop translator based on Google Translate service.

Free Google Translate Desktop 2.1.92 DownloadFree Google Translate Desktop like
Freeware - GooglR Translate Desktop 2.1.88 screenshot

GooglR Translate Desktop

GooglR Translate Desktop is widely used on document writings and communications.

GooglR Translate Desktop 2.1.88 DownloadGooglR Translate Desktop like
Freeware - Google Drive 2.34.5075.1619 screenshot

Google Drive

Keep and share anything with this storage utility that integrates into Gmail

Google Drive 2.34.5075.1619 DownloadGoogle Drive like
Freeware - Spybot - Search & Destroy 2 screenshot

Spybot - Search & Destroy 2

A smart freeware program that can clear all forms of mal-ware from your computer

Spybot - Search & Destroy 2 DownloadSpybot - Search & Destroy 2 like
Freeware - IZArc 4.4 screenshot


Best freeware archive utility supporting many archive formats

IZArc 4.4 DownloadIZArc like
Freeware - Log Parser Lizard 6.6.0 screenshot

Log Parser Lizard

A very powerful and versatile query software tool

Log Parser Lizard 6.6.0 DownloadLog Parser Lizard like
Freeware - Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool screenshot

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Designed to remove all types of infections from your computer

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool DownloadKaspersky Virus Removal Tool like
Freeware - SmarThru Office 2.07.10 screenshot

SmarThru Office

A powerful document management application for office users

SmarThru Office 2.07.10 DownloadSmarThru Office like
Freeware - Adobe Acrobat Reader 2019.021.20056 screenshot

Adobe Acrobat Reader

The all-new Reader for your all-important documents

Adobe Acrobat Reader 2019.021.20056 DownloadAdobe Acrobat Reader like
Freeware - Geany 1.36 screenshot


A small and lightweight Integrated Development Environment

Geany 1.36 DownloadGeany like
Freeware - BitComet (x64bit) 1.61 screenshot

BitComet (x64bit)

BitComet is a BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP download client!

BitComet (x64bit) 1.61 DownloadBitComet (x64bit) like
Freeware - BitComet 1.61 screenshot


BitComet is a BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP download client!

BitComet 1.61 DownloadBitComet like
Freeware - Chromium 80.0.3988.0 screenshot


More stable way to experience the Internet

Chromium 80.0.3988.0 DownloadChromium like
Freeware - EaseUS Todo Backup Free 9.0 screenshot

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Free backup & restore solution for photos, music, videos, documents, etc.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free 9.0 DownloadEaseUS Todo Backup Free like
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