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TCP Port Forwarding is a simple user friendly application provided with free of cost services to the users, which helps them to get enabled with the facility to capture and to redirect the internet traffic. This helps the websites to get higher traffic and this in turn helps the interconnected users to get several initiative options without any ease. By specifying the network information and by specifying the network interface and listening ports on the client side, the users could get enabled with several options on server side.

On the server side, the users will be requested to enter the interface, port and the IP address, through which both the server and client information will get verified to provide the status and connection time. With the current address of the client along with the port number of the interconnected clients, the domain user of the server could be able to view and trace the information related to the network and system. Then after tracing the issues, pinging options will be provided for the users, through which the impacts of communication issues related to the network could be solved.

This is an open source software and hence this requires only a low amount of space from the CPU and as well as from the RAM to work properly and securely. By this way, this software provides the complete assurance to provide the facilities to capture and to redirect the internet traffic without affecting the performance of the CPU. Here the port forwarding helps the system of the one end user to capture the transmitted data or information through the traffic and thereby helps another end user to receive the data through the redirected traffic.

So, with this TCP Port Forwarding technique, all the remote users and the interconnected host users could be able to make file and text-oriented data and information transfer in a very secure way, without any loss of data and without any kind of conflicts. This software provides the guaranteed reception and delivery during the time of transfer of data and information between the end to end systems and networks. Here, the ports will act as the masters and slaves and the TCP forwarding tool will act as the mediator to capture and to redirect the traffic with the use of the port forwarding technique in the Transmission control Protocol.

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