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With calendar, tasks, contacts book and chat option the eM Client is the modern desktop email client tool. The Windows OS compatible eM Client can work with major online email service providers, exchange services and server systems like the Gmail, iCloud and even the latest Outlook.com.

Using the eM Client you can quickly import your important emails or contacts. The importing can be linked with other email clients like Thunderbird, Outlook Express etc. It can work in touch enabled devices and is a super fast email client.

To look at its functional attributes more deeply we find the eM Client to provide SSL, TLS security for communication and S/MIME enabled encryption service. It follows the advanced emailing rules for managing the user profiles and has built in word processor, translator, spell checker, templates, signatures, tag options etc. The eM Client will run on all types of connection including the EWS, AllSync, IMAP, POP and SMTP.

Users can utilize the eM Client’s calendar feature for various purposes like setting appointments and meeting schedules. The calendar itself has different views so it can shared among the team members or to group of people. It is enabled for full text search. Create list of events and schedule them to your email client using the calendar option.

For contacts management the eM Client has different view modes, merging option and view customization functions. It can list number of fields for categorization, grouping and regrouping to make search and find easy. The contacts manager also keeps a communication history.

The chat option is core uniqueness of the eM Client as no other email client offers this feature. The chat interface can be popped out from the email client window or kept to the main panel. The built in chat function easily integrates with GTalk, Facebook Chat, Jabber and other renounced chat service. The same chat features file transfer on peer to peer mode. The tool has all the qualities to please anyone.

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105.77 MB

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Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP

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Last versions of eM Client
Version Change log
eM Client 8.0.3385 Aug 21, 2020 eM Client 8 Service Update
- Fixed nonfunctional spell check for some users
- Dutch localization update
- Memory management improvements
- Fixed a duplicit text in clipboard issue
- Fixed trimmed text in some textboxes in very special DPI settings
- Some other bug fixes
eM Client 8.0.3283 Aug 12, 2020 eM Client 8 Service Update
- Improved memory management
- Stability improvements
- Save to pdf feature from a separate email message window
- Allow drag&drop of images into template and signature editors
- Allow selecting text in text boxes with Shift+click
- Hide Letter Selection for contacts when sorting via Birthday
- Create an event with a correct date when right-clicking into the multi-day area of the week view
- Block SmarThru Office filter to avoid crashes
- Display text even for very narrow events in the calendar
- Display 'Show X more' label if the contact contains too many items to display in detail
- A few updated time zone definitions
- Ask before deleting rule in settings
- Show error message if Google Task exceeds 8kB in Notes, which is not allowed by the server
- Use full-text search when searching for an email address (fixes issue when searching on non-starting part, i.e. domain only)
- Get rid of two extra new lines added to all MAPI created emails
- Undo for Move to Archive
- Invitation infographics icon now shows the actual start time of the meeting
- Add anniversary support for Google contacts
- Polish, French and Italian localization updated
- Fixed duplicating text between [] brackets when changing the subject of an email
- Fixed showing wrong time for tasks in some time zones
- Fixed a crash when applying a rule to a renamed tag folder
- Fixed a startup password protection special characters issue
- Fixed setting a priority for Gmail folders pinned to favorites
- Fixed By Day, Monthly and Yearly recurrences display
- Fixed a specific SMAPI issue
- Fixed getting email addresses from Microsoft Access MAPI calls.
- Fixed AirSync contact email parsing crashing on incorrect email
- Fixed counting additional (not visible) events in calendar's month view
- Fixed font selector dialog for monitors with DPI larger than 225%
- Fixed impossible deletion of events in Yahoo calendar due to SentBy being returned by Yahoo
- Fixed several cloud attachments issues
- Fixed a lot of bugs and small issues
eM Client 8.0.3318 Aug 17, 2020 eM Client 8 Service Update
- Added basic support for username/password storing for individual internet calendars
- Allow importing localized tags if they were previously deleted
- Do not allow dragging root folders into Favorites
- Apply the 'Use alternating color in lists' setting even for agenda in sidebar
- Keep the Sent/Draft/Outbox column config when searching in that folder
- Make ctrl+a work in sidebar calendar
- Fixed a crash when copying logs from Operations window
- Fixed displaying data:image in some messages
- Fixed showing tray and taskbar icons even when the main window is active
- Several other fixes and optimizations
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