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Freeware - Calcute 11.5.27 screenshot


Free and Compact yet Capable Tape Calculator. More advanced than standard calculators, this is an expression evaluator that lets you ... used to prevent common rounding errors associated with computer hardware. Many scientific functions are supported: logarithms and ...

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Freeware - fx-Calc screenshot


... featured replacement and enhancement of the old fashioned Windows calculator. Over and on top of calculation and visualization ...

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Freeware - Core Temp 32bit 1.15.1 screenshot

Core Temp 32bit

... you can! New Core Temp Gadget and Windows Media Center addon for Windows 7 and Vista. Recently I've released a new ...

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Freeware - Core Temp 64bit 1.15.1 screenshot

Core Temp 64bit

Core Temp for Windows x64 is a compact, no fuss, small footprint, ... you can! New Core Temp Gadget and Windows Media Center addon for Windows 7 and Vista. Recently I've released a new ...

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Freeware - KS Calculator 1.05 screenshot

KS Calculator

KS-Calculator is a powerful, easy-to-use, flexible calculator, which supports operations with numbers in Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hexadecimal formats, operates with expressions and mathematical functions, like: Sin, Cos, Tan, ArcTan, ...

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Freeware - GeoGebra 6.0.587.0 screenshot


... have previously installed the working environment on the computer. GeoGebra offers support for two scripting languages (GGBScript and Javascript), so you can create a sequence of commands for designing ...

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Freeware - FreeRapid Downloader 0.9u4 screenshot

FreeRapid Downloader

... * simple CAPTCHA recognition * works on MS Windows (all, include Win7), Linux and MacOS * easy ... Creator files 89y, 9xy * sending files to calculator directly via TI Connect™ Software or TiLP ...

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Freeware - Hybrid 2020.02.19.1 screenshot


... filter profiles, audio&video combi profiles an integrated bitrate calculator accepts vc-1 and avc raw input manual&automatic creation&pass-through of chapters ability to encode single title/chapters a job-control aac/mp3/ac3/ogg/flac/dts/pcm audio encoding with ...

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Freeware - Maxthon screenshot


Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows uses a unique, innovative dual-core design that uses ... can‘t get anywhere else, Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows frees people to share and send files among ... offer quick launch to any software on the computer, such as Paint or Calculator, and there is ...

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