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google chrome freeware downloads

Freeware - Google Chrome 91.0.4472.164 screenshot

Google Chrome

Google Chrome runs websites and applications with lightning speed. Chrome is the lightweight flagship browser that originated from an open-source project by Google called Chromium and Chromium OS. It is now ...

Google Chrome 91.0.4472.164 DownloadGoogle Chrome like
Freeware - WOT for Google Chrome screenshot

WOT for Google Chrome

WOT is a free Internet security addon for your browser. It will keep you safe from online scams, identity theft, spyware, spam, viruses and unreliable shopping sites. WOT warns you before ...

WOT for Google Chrome DownloadWOT for Google Chrome like
Freeware - Google Keep Chrome Extension 4.20482.600.1 screenshot

Google Keep Chrome Extension

... you want to save for later? With the Google Keep Chrome Extension, easily save the things you care about ... work with others on notes and lists with Google Keep. Use Google Keep on your phone, tablet, ...

Google Keep Chrome Extension 4.20482.600.1 DownloadGoogle Keep Chrome Extension like
Freeware - Google Drive 3.49.9760.2421 screenshot

Google Drive

With Google Drive, you can: Create and collaborate. Google Docs is built right into Google Drive, so you can work with others in ... is built to work seamlessly with your overall Google experience. You can attach photos from Drive to ...

Google Drive 3.49.9760.2421 DownloadGoogle Drive like
Freeware - Hangouts for Google Chrome 2017.110.418.2 screenshot

Hangouts for Google Chrome

Google Plus Hangouts for Chome bring conversations to life ... as you move from tab to tab in Chrome, or even without a Chrome window open. With Google Plus Hangouts for Chome, ...

Hangouts for Google Chrome 2017.110.418.2 DownloadHangouts for Google Chrome like
Freeware - Adblock for Chrome 4.26.0 screenshot

Adblock for Chrome

... be popping up everywhere? You bet. Facebook ads, Google ads, pop-up ads? Check, check, and check. Using ... cluttered Web-browsing experience. The original AdBlock for Chrome works automatically. Choose to continue seeing unobtrusive ads, ...

Adblock for Chrome 4.26.0 DownloadAdblock for Chrome like
Freeware - Slimjet Web Browser screenshot

Slimjet Web Browser

... of the Chromium open source project, on which Google chrome is also based. Slimjet integrates a lot of ... with almost all plugins and extensions from the Chrome web store. Slimjet keeps most of the existing ...

Slimjet Web Browser DownloadSlimjet Web Browser like
Freeware - Cyberfox 52.9.1 screenshot


... source code, compiled with Visual Studios 2012, used Windows 8 SDK instead Of Vista SDK, compiled with help of Intel C++ Compiler, and compatible with Windows 8 OS. The main modification takes place under ...

Cyberfox 52.9.1 DownloadCyberfox like
Freeware - Chromium 92.0.4485.0 screenshot


... code. The interface is identical to Chrome's and in addition, it has the exact options ... the application that serves as the foundation for Chrome, with Google's developers improving the software and adding ...

Chromium 92.0.4485.0 DownloadChromium like
Freeware - Comodo Dragon 80.0.3987.87 screenshot

Comodo Dragon

... more stable Browser. And the recent launch of Google Chrome has gone a long way toward fulfilling this ... Chromium technology-based Browser that offers you all of Chrome's features PLUS the unparalleled level of security and ...

Comodo Dragon 80.0.3987.87 DownloadComodo Dragon like
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